Our monthly meetings are usually held the third Wednesday of the month.  Watch this site for the time and place.  We also encourage you to subscribe to our email notices so you will receive timely notification of the meetings.

Upcoming Events:

ACT Memphis AUGUST Meeting
August 16, 2017
Jason's Deli
Poplar and Highland
We invite you to come early if you would like to eat with the group.

Our July speaker is a retired Law Enforcement officer that spent 25 years with the Memphis Police Department. He worked in a number of assignments from administrative positions to intelligence units, including the Regional Organized Crime Information Center (ROCIC). After retiring from MPD, he started his second career with an international organization, providing services to police and military agencies across the globe. Most of his time was spent in Canada, the U.S. and South America but he also worked with agencies in Australia, Great Britain and New Zealand. He retired for the second time after another 15 years but the phone kept ringing. For the past few years he has been engaged (part time) in consulting services involving counter-terrorism.

The topic for the July meeting will try to answer the frequently asked question of "what can we do to combat radical Islamic terrorism against our country". While the subject will be terrorism, we hope to show a methodology that will work in our support for second amendment rights or other conservative principals.




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