Our monthly meetings are usually held the third Wednesday of the month.  Watch this site for the time and place.  We also encourage you to subscribe to our email notices so you will receive timely notification of the meetings.

Upcoming Events:

November Meeting
November 16, 2016,    Wednesday  7:00pm  
(Come early if you want to eat)
Jason's Deli, Poplar and Highland

Europe's Last Stand: America's Final Warning

Our upcoming meeting will take a close look at the the Islamic invasion of Western Europe and its threat to European democracy, freedoms, culture and history.   Europe gave birth to the greatest advances in world civilization is now on the verge of being extinguished by an unmatched foe of religious zealots who are on a quest to establish an Islamic Caliphate over Europe.
Is this what is coming to America?  Is this invasion already under way in America?  Where you aware of the jihadi attack that took place in Tennessee two weeks ago?
These are the subjects we will examine this on October 19.  We invite you to join us for an informative evening.




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