The  MURKIN Files: 

The official files from the murder investigation of Martin Luther King in Memphis, Tn on April 4, 1968

For many years Vince Hughes has continued the investigation of the Assassination of MLK.  His goal has been to recover, format and catalogue copies of all the files developed during the investigation of the MLK assassination and the hunt for James Earl Ray.  The manhunt was the largest ever undertaken in the U.S. at the time.

With over 16,000 documents, audio recordings, crime scene photographs and photographs of the physical evidence, Hughes has what has been described as the largest collection of material related to this event outside of the sealed files in the National Archives.  Hughes' collection includes many items in the sealed files.  A brief listings of some of the items in the collection include:
- The  police radio recordings for that night
- The complete Memphis Police offense report, including witness statements
- Crime scene photos
- Evidence photographs
- Uncensored FBI investigative files from FBI offices throughout the US
- Court recordings, including the Ray guilty plea
- Ray's handwritten notes to author William B. Huie, telling his story
- RCMP and Scotland Yard files
- Military Intelligence after action reports
- and much more...

Hughes frequently lectures on the assassination and uses his collection to tell the story of what really happened on that April evening in Memphis.

Many books have been written on this subject.  Court trials have been staged to try to present the subject.  Even a Civil Trial was held in an attempt to promote one version of the story.  

Once you have seen the official evidence and read the statements of the witnesses that were given in 1968 you can see how much the story has changed over the years.  When you read the investigations behind some of the "after the fact" conspiracy theories you will understand the real truth.

Hughes was part of the original event and knows first hand many of the details that have been disputed or twisted over the years.

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