Soros – Clinton – BLM and the Islamic Caliphate

I was recently sent a video link of Steve Pieczenik making an announcement about a coup and a counter-coup that is taking place in America. I was asked for my opinion. Below is my response:

I’ve seen this video before. First, I had never heard of Steve Pieczenik before I got the link to the video. While watching the video, I noticed there was a connection to Alex Jones of InfoWars. I am very UNDER impressed with Jones. He tends to take a small fact and blow it out of proportion to the point it becomes a complex conspiracy.

But that does not necessarily mean Steve Pieczenik is not telling the truth. Steve Pieczenik was employed by the State Department in the 1970’s. His expertise includes foreign policy, international crisis management and psychological warfare. By education, he is a Harvard University-trained psychiatrist and has a doctorate in international relations from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Now, whether that qualifies him to say he worked in the intelligence community……….well, I guess we need more information on exactly what he did.

But with all that aside, the mess we are looking at absolutely has the potential to become a Constitutional Crisis.

A short time ago, I was asked to do a report on the Black Lives Matter movement. So what has the BLM have to do with all this, you ask? Well, what I have found is the BLM is very well funded. Most of the money is coming from an organization called Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO). By their own definition, they are a Marxist/communist group operating here in the US. So where does FRSO get their money (and we are talking MILLIONS)? Several groups fund them and one of the main sources are several of the George Soros funds. So I was deep into the Soros organization and discovered George Soros and Hillary Clinton have a very long history. A quick example is that John Podesta is Clinton’s campaign manage for her current race for POTUS. John Podesta was the former Chief of Staff for Bill Clinton during his term as POTUS. Prior to that Podesta served as a director of one of George Sorsos’ foundations. He is the former president, and now Chair and Counselor, of the Center for American Progress (CAP). Another guy by the name of Harold Ickes was the campaign manager for Hillary Clinton in her run for Senate in 2000. Prior to that, Ickes was a director to one of George Soros’ major foundations (The Media Fund among others). See the pattern?

Soros has a VERY complex network of organizations and foundations. They are very well organized. He has foundations that over see the foundations! For example, he established a group called “America Votes” just to make sure there was no duplication among the functions being done by the other individual organizations. Soros picked the former assistant chief of staff for Nancy Pelosi to head up America Votes. So who is this former COS for Pelosi and former head of America Votes? You probably know her by her current job as President of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards. Planned Parenthood is receiving a ton of money from Soros. Clinton has repeatedly stated she not only supports Planned Parenthood but she believes abortion is acceptable right up to minutes before the natural delivery. (This woman is a monster). Looking at this and other aspects of the Clinton-Soros relationship, it became clear to me that Clinton is the political arm of the Soros network.

The reason I point out all of this is to explain the opinion I formed after I completed the work for the report I was asked to do. I was really asked to determine why many of the ultra-left groups were working with each other when, in many cases, the “missions” of the individual groups were not in agreement. For instance, we found where the Islamist were working with the LGBT community. These two groups could not be further apart in ideology.

The findings of this study led me to believe there is an effort to cause as much chaos and dissension in this country so as to break the country apart and have it collapse. Once that happens, the dominant liberal (radical/extremist/whatever) group will step in and replace our form of government with their chosen ideology. I do not know who will dominate; will it be the communist/socialist from FRSO or the Islamist with their Sharia Law? I just don’t know.

A study of history shows this is not a new idea. We see the Islamist teaming up with the Nazi Party during WWII in the hopes of expanding the Caliphate and there are other examples.

There are billions and billions of dollars involved. The money comes from many sources, most of which are structured as charitable organization (most are “527 committees”) as is the Clinton Foundation (but it is a 501-c-3 group). The few people I have talked to that should be in the know about the Clintons have always said, forget about the emails; its about the Clinton Foundation. Now we see Loretta Lynch refusing to approve any investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

This network of organizations has captured the Democratic Party and is working to capture the entire government. The propaganda arm of this operation is exploiting the under-informed and minorities. An excellent example of this is the need to control elections by fraud. The most visible tactic being used is the fight against voter laws that require a photo ID issued by an approved authority. The excuse being used to fight these laws is that minorities are disproportionally affected by these laws. Let that sink in! They are saying minorities are more likely to be unable to figure out how to get a photo ID. That must be THE most racist accusation of recent times. But the minorities are buying this because they are being exploited by the puppet masters.

If this grand scheme is to operate successfully, it requires a weak leadership at the top level of our federal government. Congress is that weakness. I don’t consider Obama a weak leader; he is evil to the core but not weak. I also consider Hitler, Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin to be examples of strong (but evil) leaders. Congress has had ample opportunity to stop a lot of this and they have done nothing.

But there is more…

A young lawyer, Ahmad N. Abuznaid, was a founding member of an organization they named “Dream Defenders“. Abuznaid coud be described as an activist, having organized a historic 31 day sit-in in the Governor of Florida’s Office and working as the Florida field director for the United States Student Association (USSA). The USSA may be best known for its ardent opposition to America’s war on terror. Abuznaid was born in East Jerusalem and a supporter of the Palestinian political position. He has spoken to US based chapters of the Students for Justice in Palestine, a radical anti-Israel group known for their demonstrations and political theater.

He also was a featured speaker at legal defense fundraiser for Rasmea Odeh. Odeh was convicted in 1970 by an Israeli military court of involvement in fatal terrorist bombings, and in 2014 by a US federal jury of immigration fraud.

Acting in his role of legal and policy director for Dream Defenders, Abuznaid organized a 10-day trip to Palestine for Black Lives Matter leaders and Dream Defenders to connect with HAMAS activists in 2015. Again in 2016, he organized a second trip to Palestine which connected Black Lives Matter activists, Puente Arizona, PICO National Network and others with grassroots organizations and Palestinian civil rights activists (HAMAS) in Ramallah.

So back to Steve Pieczenik….Is he to be believed or is he just an agent of the sideshow barker, Alex Jones? I have no idea. But I do know there is a clear and present danger that exists and the outcome of the election will decide the fate of our nation.


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