Compatible…..I think not!

The United States Constitution including the Bill of Rights is based firmly on the
bedrock premise that all people are equal under the law. And thus should receive
equal treatment under the law. This is the basis of all judicial process in the United

Numerous Muslim Imams have declared repeatedly that Islamic law (Sharia) is
totally compatible with United States Constitutional Law. First of all Sharia does
not treat all people as equals. Sharia has a hierarchy of people and how they should be
treated differently. First, Muslim men are considered by Allah to be superior to all
other people. Second come Muslim women and small children who are considered
to be inferior to Muslim men. And last and very inferior to both Muslim men and women
are the infidels, unbelievers who in the United States are mainly Jews and Christians.

How can any legal system (Sharia) that promotes superiority be considered compatible
with the United States Constitution ? In strict Sharia Islamic countries a Muslim can murder a Jew or a Christian and it is not considered a crime. In fact the Koran encourages and sanctions such a barbaric act. A Muslim man can rape any infidel woman with impunity and it is not considered a crime. Are rape and murder compatible with the Bill of Rights ? I think not !

Radical Islam is a violent ideology masquerading as a religion. There are no other religions
on the face of the earth with such hateful violent tendencies. Radical Islam is more like Nazism planning a second and even greater Holocaust for Jews and Christians. Only the United States Constitution is protecting us from such an unthinkable fate.

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