Criticism Of Islam, Mohammed May Land Americans In Jail Soon

Fellow infidels,

You have our wonderful Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to thank for this outrage. Later this month, she is slated to meet with Organization of Islamic Cooperation to help them figure out how they can implement a blasphemy law to stop criticism of Islam in the United States.

According to Family Security Matters, At the OIC’s Third Extraordinary Session, held in Mecca, Saudi Arabia in December 2005, the organization adopted a “Ten-Year Programme of Action to Meet the Challenges Facing the Muslim Ummah in the 21st Century.” A key agenda item of that meeting was “the need to counter Islamophobia” by seeking to have the UN “…adopt an international resolution to counter Islamophobia, and call upon all States to enact laws to counter it, including deterrent punishments.”

The story goes on to say:

…Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is due to host OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu in Washington, DC in mid-December 2011 to discuss how the United States can implement the OIC agenda to criminalize criticism of Islam. Cloaked in the sanctimonious language of “Resolution 16/18,” that was adopted by the UN Human Rights Council in April 2011, the WDC three-day experts meeting is billed as a working session to discuss legal mechanisms to combat religious discrimination (but the only religion the Human Rights Council has ever mentioned in any previous resolution is Islam). The UN Human Rights Council, which includes such bastions of human rights as China, Cuba, Libya, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, introduced Resolution 16/18 to the UN General Assembly (UNGA), where it was passed in March 2011.

Pardon me, but I thought liberals scoffed at religion. Oh, I beg your pardon, they only scoff at CHRISTIANITY, like the time when they dipped the cross into a container of urine. I suppose they think that this action will score them ‘brownie’ points they can play if and when radical Islam rules in America. I hate to be the one to tell them, but they are being played as useful idiots in a big way by their Islamic buddies.

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