Islamophobia–real or made up?

The word “Islamophobia” certainly seems to have a powerful ring to it doesn’t it?  So powerful that many never want to have it used against them.  But what does it really mean?  The term “phobia” is used to describe a fear of something.  That fear can have basis in reality, such as a result of a known previous trauma, but most often the fear is completely irrational.  There is no rhyme or reason for why the fear is there.  It just exists.  But the fact that it exists for no reason at all doesn’t make the fear any less real.  Such phobias can be very difficult to overcome.  So, with that understanding it is no wonder that people do not want to be labeled phobic or afraid of anything.  Afterall who wants to be thought of as irrational? 

I read a very astute comment on facebook recently which stated that the word Islamophobia was conjured up to refute or scare off those who would speak out against Islam.  The commenter went further to say that her remarks about Islam were not based on irrational fear, but rather on facts, study, research, knowledge and observation.   I thought that this was the perfect statement to describe the work that we are doing here at this website and at the Memphis chapter of ACT for America.  You can be sure that whatever we say and write will always be grounded in facts and solid research.   We intend this website and our chapter meetings to be a valuable trustworthy resource concerning radical Islam. 

This is not about hate or fear of anything or anybody.  It is about becoming alert, educated and informed about what is going on in our neighborhoods , community, state, country and the world concerning radical Islam.  It is about standing for American values and learning how to take action when those values are threatened.  It is about learning what we as individuals can do to not only protect ourselves and our families but also how we can build stronger community ties  to help us stand against those that would harm us.   The threat we face from radical Islam as a country and as a civilization is not irrational, but very real.  We can stand against it if we stand together.

In summary we should never be intimidated by the use of the word Islamophobia or Islamophobe.  If people level such a charge against us, that should be our sign that we have spoken the truth, and they can’t handle it.  We must stay strong, alert, informed and speak only of that which can be substantiated by solid sources.  Above all we must stay positive and rooted in the truth.  The truth really does set us free!

If you are visiting this site for the first time, I would like to invite you to come to the monthly meetings of the Memphis Chapter of ACT for America.  These meetings are a great way to network with others and to learn about Islam.  You can find information about the meetings on this website.   See you there!

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