Your Guaranteed Rights Under Sharia Law

Fellow infidels,

Constantine warns against the danger of allowing Islamic Sharia law to creep into our legal system. – Burkasrugly

If in 10 or 20 or 30 years through our neglect and apathy we lose our Constitutional form of government including the Bill of Rights to the steady but sure advancement of Islamic Sharia Law we will have just three guaranteed rights.

1. We will have the right to convert to Islam.

2. We will have the right to become dhimmmis and pay the heavy onerous tax called the jizya. The jizya often amounts to half of your annual income. We can remain Jews and Christians as long as we practice our two faiths
quietly and meekly.

3. We will have the right to be killed.

Freedom once lost will be almost impossible to recover. The cost of supporting our Constitution now will be slight compared to the blood and treasure spent in recovering our freedom later. Our mantra should become American law for American courts.

Also, if the United States falls the world will enter a new dark age with horrors a hundred times worse than most of us have ever experienced. The new norm will become stonings, decapitations, amputations of limbs and all sorts of cruel and unusual punishments.

If you want this type of future you simply need to do nothing. The Muslim Brotherhood is, in fact, counting on you to do nothing.

We are facing the greatest evil on the face of the earth, militant radical Islam. It wants to eradicate us from the planet and then to consign us to a hellish afterlife. Remember the words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, “To remain neutral in the face of evil is an evil itself!”

In hoc signo;


COURAGE, the virtue without which all the others are meaningless.

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