Convenience Store Jihad

Fellow Infidels,

Constantine has an interesting blog entry tonight – see below

Convenience stores are the ideal venue for militant Islamists to illegally raise funds for jihadist activities. First of all, radical Muslims do not obey any legal system but Sharia. Sharia encourages them to steal and defraud non-Muslims for financial gain and to support jihadist struggles worldwide. Many of the convenience stores are located in dangerous neighborhoods which discourage the police from making frequent visits.

Here is a partial list of illegal activities that occur in many convenience

Fraudulent coupon redemption. Often Islamists steal huge amounts of newspapers and then have women at the mosque cut out the coupons. Then some convenience store sends them back to the manufacturer for cash. Usually the U.S. Mail is not used since this constitutes another felony – that of using the mail to commit fraud. They simply send the bundled coupons on FedEx. Dr. Harvey Kushner,an expert on terrorism, believes at least $5,000, 000.00 per week is raised by this racket just in New York City.

Sale of illegal drugs. Often any number of illegal drugs are sold “under the counter” for cash. This raises vast amounts of illicit cash plus it also eventually kills non-muslims through a slow death jihad.

Sale of alcohol to underage minors. While Sharia prohibits the use of alcohol by Muslims, it seems to endorse the sale of alcohol to the infidel. Whatever hurts the kafir is a form of jihad.

Sale of bootleg cigarettes. This involves buying cigarettes in low tax states like North Carolina and reselling them in high tax states like New York. Often the radical Muslim can undercut the legal price by $2.00 or $3.00 a pack.

Selling milk after the expiration date. There is a legal date stamped on every container of milk. Once that date passes the milk can no longer be sold for human consumption. The big chain stores usually sell this milk for about $.25 a gallon to be used as animal food. Muslims buy huge amounts of this milk and stock it their convenience marts. Hoping to sell it for full price to an unwary customer. How often do you check the expiration date before you buy spoilable dairy products? In all 50 states this is at least a misdemeanor, if not a felony.

Selling of brand name merchandise. If you are in a locally owned quick stop and see Walgreens, Super D or Kroger items for sale, more than likely a theft from a loading dock is involved. Some confederates probably stole these items in bulk off a truck and gave them to the store. The store owner puts these items on his shelves and commits another felony by re-selling stolen merchandise. Remember we now have tens of thousands of Islamic truck drivers in this country.

Food stamp fraud. Thugs either steal food stamps or shake them down from the weak and elderly. Muslim Radicals are eager to pay the thugs 10-20% on the dollar for the food stamps. Then they turn in the bill to the federal government and recoup 100% on the dollar. You, the taxpayer, are being robbed. Again, the profits from this nefarious scheme usually goes to fund jihad.

If you spot any suspicious activities in quick stops call the local police, the state police or the FBI. Don’t be put off by the police. Demand that they investigate fully all such questionable activities. It is your right as an American citizen to stop the raising of money by criminal radical jihadists. You may be saving the life of an American serviceman on some far flung battleground !

In hoc signo,


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