The Book The Mullahs DON’T Want You To Read

Fellow infidels,

In his latest installment, Constantine clues us in to a book that Islamic mullahs don’t want you to read – Burkasrugly

There is a book out there that the Mullahs definitely hope you never read. The full title is called: “The Reliance of the Traveller: A Manual of Classic Islamic Sacred Law”. You can order a copy from: for about $30.00. If you are a serious scholar of Islamic Law better known as Sharia this is a must have addition to your reference library. It was compiled in the days after Mohammed. And it has remained basically unchanged since the 13th Century A.D. It is not a light weight volume being over 1200 pages long. But it does have an excellent index so you can easily look up any subject related to Islam.

Much of the book is innocuous. Discussing such topics as corporate prayer, foods that are forbidden, how to pick your teeth (I am not making this up) and ceremonial washings. If this constituted the practice of Islam we would not have to worry.

However, there is a whole chapter on Jihad. This idea of Jihad being the struggle to improve one’s self is quickly destroyed by reading this chapter. Jihad is a military war to kill infidels or to force them to pay the jizya tax thus becoming dhimmis. Jihad will last as long as there are infidels who do not recognize Allah as god. Thus, Islamic Jihad is now over 1400 years old. We are now in a period of Islamic resurgence threatening to engulf and destroy Western Civilization.

Another great chapter is on the subject of apostasy. Every Islamic school of jurisprudence mandates the death penalty for persons who leave Islam and join another religion. Did you hear me correctly ? Every school of Islamic jurisprudence (and that includes the so-called moderates) mandates death for apostasy. There are no exceptions. Look at the countries that strictly follow Islam such as Iran where the death sentence for apostasy is carried out far too frequently. Islam is the only religion that kills people who leave.

You can find numerous examples of the mistreatment of women sanctioned by the Koran. Divorce is given full explanation in the Reliance of the Traveller. Only men have the right to divorce. And it is true that divorce simply occurs when the man states to the woman “I divorce you” three times.

And we have not even explored the utter barbarity of Islamic punishment. But more on that subject at a later date.

Show a little backbone and get a copy of the book. Just reading it may deliver you from dhimmitude at a later date. I will guarantee if you do read this book you will never again parrot the total line of excrement that “Islam means peace”.

In hoc signo;


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