Mainstream Media, Liberals Ignore Muslim Honor Killing Victims

Fellow infidels,
You might be an “Islamaphobe” if you stand up for young Muslim women who are viciously murdered by their families. These young women are condemned for committing the “crime” of dishonoring their families in some way. Or you might be an “Islamaphobe” if you hold a conference in honor of one of these women, like Jessica Mokdad.  Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, Nonie Darwish, and others have faced accusations of “Islamaphobia” because they dared to expose the truth about honor killings by remembering Ms. Mokdad who was murdered a year ago last weekend.

Hello!! Calling the mainstream media!!   I don’t think they or their liberal cohorts are answering the call either.  They are COWARDS and FAKES and need to quit adhering to political correctness.  Where are their reports on honor killing in America?  Oh, I forgot, Islam is a protected class in PC America!  The wimpy mainstream media certianly can’t be expected to air a story critical of Islam, now could they?

Last Sunday was the anniversary of  Jessica’s death and lest this young woman die in vain, Geller and others spoke out against the horrible practice of honor killing. Please watch this video clip featuring Pamela Geller making a very passionate plea for Americans to become aware of honor killings and take steps to prevent them in the future.

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