It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint!

Years ago, when Constantine was but a mere lad he loved competing in Track and Field Events. Everyone had aspirations of running a sub 10 second 100 yard dash. Americans love short-term causes and projects. We like our food fast, our coffee instant, and our riches quick. We expect our military to win our wars fast and cheap in terms of losses to U.S. military personnel.

However, life is often far different and we lose interest quickly as we are now discovering. September 11 will mark ten years of fighting since  the Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. We are as a nation nodding off to  sleep, returning to complacency, in short, going to the mall. Our enemy does not have to win a military victory. Radical Islam must simply outlast us. Victory will go to the last man standing.

Our enemy  thoroughly understands the nature of this conflict. This war has been going  on with varying degrees of intensity for 1400 years. It started in the life
time of Mohammed and continues even to the present moment. The Crusades of a 1,000 years ago are still remembered vividly today in the Mid-East. While our historical amnesia produces college students who really think the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor in 1955, our enemies have a keen sense of history. This time they believe they have an excellent chance of finishing us off. And Constantine agrees with them. Unless, we can can develop a  viable knowledge of our enemy and his tactics, we are doomed.

We must recover a sense of history that is not revised and dictated by Political Correctness. The PC lifestyle has to go away and soon!  Also, our young people must develop a real sense of history. It is axiomatic, but still true, ” Those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.”

We are  fighting a two front war, not spatially, but ideologically. We must stop
violent terrorism in its tracks and we are doing a decent job in this arena.
But equally deadly, is the slow but sure imposition of Sharia in our culture. Full strength Sharia is the deadliest force we face today. The Sharia assault will obliterate the culture and values of the West.

So we must learn the tactics of our enemies. We must educate America
to the wiles of a radical Islam bent on political. We must defeat the adoption of Sharia in our culture.

We are fighting a long, long war. Every citizen must become a warrior
wielding words and ideas as weapons. Our tactics must adopt patience,
relentless resolution, and knowledge. Thus armed we will roll back
the tide of radical Islam. But remember this is not a sprint, it will be a
long, painful, difficult marathon. Pace yourself accordingly.

In hoc signo,


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