Honor Killing With A Twist

Fellow infidels,

Maybe we have been looking at ‘honor’ killings in the wrong way.  Nevin Yildirim, a 26-year-old Turkish mother of two, was a victim, but not of an honor killing.   After having it drummed into her head from birth that she was responsible for her family’s honor, she took matters into her own hands and killed her rapist.  And beheaded him.  So, Muslim men, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU POUND INTO YOUR FEMALE’S HEADS REGARDING ‘HONOR’. They are taking it very seriously.

You drum it into your women’s heads that they are responsible for the actions of your males. These Muslim males apparently cannot control their own sexual urges. It is NOT your females who are to blame for being raped.  You guys to love to blame the victim.  Now the tables are turning.

According to a story posted at cnn.com, Yildirim said the man, Nurettin Gider, began the attacks a few days after her husband left in January for a seasonal job in another town, according to a source close to the case. Yildirim said Gider threatened her with a gun and said he would kill her children, ages 2 and 6, if she made any noise, according to the source. (Just like a Muslim man – using children to achieve his evil ends.) That was the first of repeated rapes over the next eight months, the source said.

And sorry, but I just don’t feel like sparing anyone’s feelings by using the word ‘radical’ in front of ‘Muslim.’  Because this man was not a radical….he was an average Muslim.  Let’s finally tell the truth.  Muslims, you MUST look in the mirror for once in a millennium.

This Muslim man, whose actions seem to be typical of many Muslim men, was a scumbag of the highest order.  He took advantage of this poor woman because her husband was out of town working.  He even sneaked in and took pictures while she was asleep.  He threatened to show her very pregnant pictures to the townspeople.  That would have been disastrous for this woman and her family.

But she got the last laugh.  Finally she had had enough. He was coming back to rape Yildrim again, and she shot him.  Read what happened next from cnn.com:

“I chased him,” she said. “He fell on the ground. He started cussing. I shot his sexual organ this time. He became quiet. I knew he was dead. I then cut his head off.”

Witnesses described Yildirim walking into the village square, carrying the man’s head by his hair, blood dripping on the ground.

“Don’t talk behind my back, don’t play with my honor,” Yildirim said to the men sitting in the coffee-house on the square. “Here is the head of the man who played with my honor.”

She threw Gider’s head to the ground, the witnesses said.

It would have been great to have seen the look on the men’s faces in the coffee-house when Yildrim was holding the severed head of her rapist/tormentor.  There is no doubt that they were totally shocked because normally it is a man who has beheaded  or otherwise murdered a woman who has been raped.

This woman is a HERO.  If women in Muslim countries (and in countries where Muslims are emigrating to) started standing up like this woman did, a lot of this BS raping and so-called ‘honor’ killing would stop.

Muslim men, its kinda shocking when the shoe is on the other foot, huh?  Hope you all have a nice day (NOT).

Until next time,


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