Is He Or Isn’t He ?

Fellow infidels,

Constantine examines the question of whether  or not Obama is a MuslimBurkasrugly

Much ink has been spilled over whether President Obama is a Muslim or not. The correct place to begin our inquiry is with the indisputable facts.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt young Barack Hussein Obama’s father was a Muslim. According to Islamic law if your father was a Muslim all the children are Muslims. However, even after his white American mother was divorced from Barack Obama Sr. she remarried another Muslim. This time Mr. Soreto was from Indonesia, one of the largest Muslim nations in the world. For at least 16 years “Barry” Obama attended Muslim educational facilities.

After becoming President, Barack Obama, embarked on his Muslim Middle-East apology tour. In June of 2009 he spoke at Al-Azhar mosque at the University of Cairo. Basically his speech talked about how horribly the West had treated Islam and also how the sweetest sound on earth was the Muzzein’s call to prayer. Thus were sowed the seeds of the so-called Arab Spring.

Also as aside he did remark how the United States were one of the largest Muslim nations in the world. Then to add a crowning touch on his visit to nearby Saudi Arabia he bowed deeply to the king. To cover this much photographed faux pas in the next few months he bowed to numerous non-Islamic dignitaries.

Then he refused to aid the courageous people in Iran who were genuinely trying to overthrow the oppressive ayatollahs and their odious regime. These  people fighting with their bare hands against well armed Revolutionary Guards, the Al Quds forces and Hezbollah. They were slaughtered by the tens of thousands while Obama stood by mouthing platitudes about non-intervention.

Then Tunisia, Libya and Egypt rapidly fell into the grasping hands of the Muslim Brotherhood. We had thugs versus terrorists fighting for control of these countries. Now for over one year we have witnessed an unparelleled butchery for the
control of Syria. Slowly, but surely, the pieces of the ancient Caliphate are falling back in place. Yet Obama fiddles while the Middle East burns.

Now Iran threatens our only true ally in that brutal part of the world, Israel. All the while denying the first Holocaust, they are planning a second Holocaust ushered in by a nuclear fireball. All Obama can do is urge Israel to be cautious, even to the point of their extinction.

Well, is Obama a Muslim or not ? One possibility is that he is. He driving the bus off the cliff while masquerading as a Christian of the Rev. Wright stripe.Second, he could be a multicultural Christian who believes all religions are equal.
And thus one cannot be better than other. A third and less likely possibility is that Mr. Obama is just a secularist and is largely ignorant of the true goals of radical Islam.

However, upon further analysis Mr. Obama HAS ALWAYS chosen to side with the radical Muslims. Has he ever come to the aid of persecuted Jews or Christians ? The very best you can state about him is that he is a Muslim enabler. So in reality the three options are not meaningful but are moot points. A wise teacher once stated, “By their fruits ye shall know them.” The Obama tree is producing a deadly crop of toxic, poisonous fruit.

Tune in next week for the Democratic Convention when his purported 20,000 Muslim friends make an appearance. Maybe an answer will be revealed then.

In hoc signo,


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