The Lady In The Light Green Slacks

Fellow infidels,

Please do not forget our fellow countrymen who died on 9-11.  Constantine tells the story of one woman who perished that day – Burkasrugly

Eleven long years after 9-11 I am still haunted by the images of that terrible day. Please notice in the first picture in the fourth window from the right there is a woman, perhaps, in her thirties or maybe older. She has on a light green pair of slacks with a black sleeveless sweater. Fire has totally engulfed the floors below cutting off any possibility of escape. Moment by moment the intensity of the searing heat of the fire is growing. Everyone on the floor is faced with a stark, horrible decision. Do I painfully become a human torch or do I use my only remaining freedom and choose to jump to my death ? This woman was driven by the blistering heat to jump.

Lady in green slacks contemplates an awful fate

In the next photo we see her plummeting to her death. This could have been my sister, my wife or some other female friend. She smashed into the hard concrete sidewalk at about a 160 miles per hour. Decency forbids me describing what this does to the human body. No one should ever have to make that kind of choice about ending their life, burning to death or jumping.

Meanwhile, a few days later in Afghanistan that fiendish fanatic Osama bin Ladin was maniacally laughing over the destruction he caused that ghastly day. Thanks to Seal Team Six he will never have a chance to murder anyone else. His death with a bullet between the eyes was far more merciful than the death suffered by the lady in the light green slacks.

The lady in the green slacks was not a statistic

Then to add injury to insult on the National Day of Remembrance we had to listen to that Imam telling us that “Islam means Peace”. This was pure bovine scatology. The first of many lies to be foisted on our beloved nation during the next eleven years.

Joseph Stalin, another ogre of history, cynically remarked, “The death of millions is just a statistic.” The lady in the green slacks had parents, perhaps siblings, maybe a husband and children. She was an individual created in the image of a loving God. She had every right to a long and happy life. She was killed by a cruel, sadistic theocratic ideology of hatred called Islam.

Dear lady in the green slacks I will never forget you as long as I live. NEVER !


In hoc signo vinces,


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