My Recurring Nightmare

Fellow infidels,

Constantine was haunted by nightmares about Osama bin Laden, but thanks to the Navy Seals he is nightmare free now – Burkasrugly

Not long after the radical Islamic atrocities of 9-11 occurred I started having terrible, disturbing nightmares. These nightmares followed the same scenario every time. I was walking down the debris ridden streets of New York right after the Twin Towers had collapsed. I always had on my BDUs (Battle Dress Uniform) . My Beretta 9mm semi-auto pistol was in a holster attached to my web gear belt. Out of a dust cloud Osama bin Ladin popped out of a doorway. Swiftly drawing my pistol I put the sights right between his shoulder blades. Taking careful aim I squeezed the trigger, thinking I would kill this malevolent monster before he was able to murder women and children again. I was going to parole him to Allah.

The pistol just went click. It failed to fire the bullet. I pulled the trigger again. The same results. Click. Every time I tried to fire the weapon I got the same results. Click ! Click ! Click ! Needless to say bin Ladin made his escape.

I must have had this dream at least 15 times that I remember. I am sure that this weird nightmare must have occurred even more often but mercifully I could not recall them. I do remember on a few occasions waking up drenched in sweat screaming and swearing at the fleeing Osama.

The last dream of this sort happened about four weeks before Seal Team Six terminated Osama with extreme prejudice. How do you punish a mass murder adequately ? This man took the lives of almost 3,000 innocent American citizens. How much damage did he inflict upon the citizens of the world ? When he was in the Sudan he bought black Christian children in lots of one hundred to work his marijuana plantations as slaves. The world is a much better place without this odious ogre, the killer of the innocents.

It has been a year and a half now in which Osama has not intruded into my dreams. Thank you Navy Seals for exorcising my demon (and the world’s) with a few well placed .223 rounds.

In hoc signo vinces,


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