9-11: My Generation’s Pearl Harbor

Fellow infidels,

Where were you when you heard that America had been visciously attacked by radical Muslims?  This was a defining moment for our country.  Constantine explains that every generation has to face evil.  Unfortunately, we have to face the most brutal evil savages on the face of the earth – Burkasrugly

I always marvelled as a child that my Dad could remember exactly where he was and what he was doing when he heard about Pearl Harbor. He was listening to the radio in his living room after church. The program was interrupted by a news flash. About 1:30 pm an announcer with a trembling voice announced that the Japs (This was definitely before the time of political correctness.) had launched an unprovoked attack against our naval facility in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Two months later my Dad was back in the Army. Due to the fact that in the 1930′s he served a stint in the Marines and then about a year in the Army Air Corp about 1940 he was allowed to skip basic training. Initially Dad was assigned to Camp Shelby, Mississippi to train troops. The family joke was that Camp Shelby was so wretched my father volunteered to go to the South Pacific to escape.

Dad first went to Australia. Then he began a series of landings as General MacArthur worked his way up the fever ridden coast of New Guinea. Their next area of operation was the Bismark Archipelago and on to the Leyte landing in the Philippines. My Father fought in the battle to liberate Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

The month-long fight to liberate Manila was the most under reported horror of the Second World War. Over 100,000 Filipinos were ruthlessly tortured and killed by the Japanese. Toward the conclusion of the battle the Japanese Imperial Marines retreated into an old Spanish fortress called Intramuros. They took 10,000 Filipino hostages with them. They proceed to rape women, slice off their breasts, and pry the eyeballs out of five-year-old children. American interpreters begged them over loud speakers to stop. They even offered safe conduct allowing the Imperial Marines to leave with their arms. But nothing could prevent them from carrying out further unspeakable atrocities. Finally American artillery and tanks at point-blank range began blasting through the 8 foot thick stone walls of the Intramuros. Enraged American troops flooded through the breached walls and began a multi-day battle to root out the Japs. Americans shot, burned out, buried alive and blew up the Imperial Marines without mercy. When the battle ended 16,655 Japanese Imperial Marine corpses littered the 160 acre enclosure. Battle hardened American soldiers vomited and wept when they saw decapitated women and screaming eyeless children with their optic nerves lying on their cheeks. No Japanese survived the battle.

This horrible trauma haunted the dreams of my father until his dying day. After 9-11 I understand why my father never forgot  Pearl Harbor. Through our long history we have remembered many battles. Remember the Alamo. Remember Pearl Harbor. Now Remember 9-11.

The foe we are fighting in this war is treacherous, cruel and sadistic. The Islamists are even more ruthless than the Japanese of the Second World War . Their stocks in trade are decapitations, stonings, amputations, crucifixions, lashings and killings. They actually prefers to attack women and children, the weak and the infirm. This battle will be fought to the finish one way or the other. Everything we love and cherish is at stake. All of our time-honored democratic values and traditions are literally on the line. If my generation fails the world will enter a new sinister brutal Dark Age that could last hundreds of years.
After all it took the Spaniards over 700 years to liberate the Iberian Peninsula from the Muslims.

Not only must my generation remember 9-11, it should become our Battle Cry to lead us to the righteous goal of total victory.

REMEMBER 9-11 ! There is no substitute for victory !

In hoc signo vinces,


COURAGE, the virtue without which all the others are meaningless.

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