Lies, Lies, And More (Deadly) Lies

Fellow infidels,

Barack Obama has nearly run this nation into the ground.  If it weren’t for the good people of America we would already be finished.  Hopefully, we will be able to take our country back in November.  Check out Constantine’s newest blog. – Burkasrugly

Obama has certainly told his share of lies. He promised to fix the economy and he defaulted on that pledge. He promised to pass a budget, and with the help of the Democratic majority in the Senate he weaseled out of that commitment. He promised comprehensive immigration reform but never got around to it.

But all of these broken promises pale beside his four deadly lies. First, there is the shooting in Little Rock, Arkansas carried out on June 1, 2009. Abdul Hakim Mohammed, formerly known as Carlos Bledsoe, a former Baptist who converted to Islam, drove to the Army/Navy Recruiting Center on Rodney Parham Rd. in Little Rock. Once there he shot two unarmed soldiers outside the center. One, William Andrew “Andy” Long, was hit by four slugs at a distance of four feet. He died. A second soldier was severely wounded but survived with 70% disability. The Obama administration denied it was a terrorist attack and instead labeled it a drive by shooting. Neither of the two soldiers to this day have received the Purple Heart.

Next, was the shooting at Ft. Hood by one of the Army’s own, Major Nidal Hassan. Major Hassan killed 14 people one of which was an unborn child. (Oh, excuse me, according to Obama fetuses are not  real people.) Even though this man was yelling “Allah Akbar” while emptying his pistol in the bodies of other American soldiers, this, too, did not qualify as terrorism. It was simply “work place violence”. Even though Hassan previously ranted about Jihad, General Casey was more concerned about the effect this would have on diversity within the Army. So words like terrorism, Jihad, and Islamic radicals were stricken from the Army’s final investigation. None of the many dead and wounded have ever received the Purple Heart. This was the second deadly lie told by the Obama administration.

The third lie is worst of the lot. Operation Fast and Furious was an insane plot to walk guns into Mexico and give them to some of the most evil people on the planet, members of the Mexican drug cartels. Also, involved was the desire to embarrass legitimate American gun dealers. They were told to cooperate with the ATF or else. Eric (With)Holder and Obama are at the very heart of this scandal. Over 2,700 pistols and assault rifles were sent to Mexico to arm the cartels. Two American law enforcement officers were killed and (get this) well over 300 innocent Mexican citizens have been killed. Attorney General Holder has become the first Attorney General in the history of Republic to be cited for civil and criminal contempt by the House for refusal to hand over requests for documents. There is a growing body of evidence that links Obama directly to this scandal. This certainly is the most deadly lie ever told by the President. Watergate, in comparison, is a mere high school prank.

The fourth lie is about the Embassy attack in Benghazi, Libya. We were initially told this was an unorganized attack in which four Americans were killed. Sure, every spontaneous mob shows up with mortars, machine guns and RPGs. Now the Administration has back pedaled and used the terrible “T” word at last. If we knew this attack was coming in Benghazi and in Cairo why didn’t we warn our people? Maybe Obama thought it was cooler to be hanging out with Beyoncé. Too bad he skipped any number of security meetings. He is directly complicit through dereliction of duty for the murder of our four Embassy personnel.

Obama is a liar of the worst sort. He has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds. As a President he has been an abject failure. Even Jimmy Carter looks good when compared to Obama. If Obama had the least shred of decorum he would resign his office. Don’t defile our grand Republic any longer. Have the decency of Richard Nixon and resign for the good of the country.

In hoc signo vinces,


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