Peace Through Strength

Fellow Infidels,

Robert Norvell recently had a letter that appeared in the Jonesboro Sun.  He agreed to allow it to be reprinted on this blog – Burkasrugly

According to international law our embassies in Libya and Egypt are considered to be United States soil. The host nations are required by international law to offer protection to all foreign embassies. One day last week 20 American embassies came under attack. Also the British, German, Canadian and French embassies were assailed by irate Muslim mobs.
On September 11, 2012 four of our Libyan embassy employees were killed. The official early report was this was a spontaneous reaction of angry mobs of radical Muslims. How many angry mobs show up with mortars, assault rifles and RPGs? Do you know how much the base plate on a mortar weighs? Also, you would need at least several pickup trucks to haul the mortar rounds. Not as spontaneous as first was envisioned.
It now appears that an Al-Qaeda affiliate deliberately organized a highly orchestrated terrorist attack both on our Libyan and Egyptian embassies. Thank God there were no fatalities in Cairo. The vast majority of Muslims in Libya want nothing to do with terrorism.

But we still have the problem of what to do with the Al-Qaeda affiliate in Libya.
We must bring these savage terrorists to justice. They need to be tracked down individually and treated with extreme prejudice. They must realize there is a terribly high price for treating a U.S. Embassy in such a destructive fashion. Whatever has to be done to quell this sort of behavior in the future must be accomplished. We must go about rebuilding an image of strength and power in the Middle East. This is indeed a Teddy Roosevelt moment. We must speak softly and carry one heck of a big stick. Weakness will only encourage future assaults. Overpowering strength is the only road to peace in that part of the world.

Robert Norvell

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