Tamerlane: Terrible Tyrant of the Thirteen Hundreds

Tamerlane (1336 – 1405) or Timur was one of the bloodiest thugs the world has ever experienced. Armies under his command killed at least 17 million (17,000,000) people. Timur (the Asiatic name) means Iron. However, he often referred to himself as the Sword of Islam. He killed an estimated 5% of the world population. John Joseph Saunders pointed out that “Till the advent of Adolph Hitler, Timur (or Tamerlane) stood forth in history as the supreme example of soulless and unproductive militarism”. Tamerlane was born about 50 miles south of Samarkand in modern-day Uzbekistan. He was a devout
Muslim who truly believed in the dictum “Convert or Die’.

He spent 35 years of his life conquering and killing people. His name was associated with extreme brutality and horrendous atrocities. For instance, in 1387 after he conquered the city of Ishahan he put all the citizens, men, women, children and even infants to the sword. Over 70,000 people were beheaded. Then as a monument to his own cruelty he built 28 towers of severed human heads. The heads were held together by a kind of cement. The message to every one else was crystal clear. Resist Tamerlane and your severed head along with your family and friends would compose a new tower of terror.

In 1398 at the siege of Delhi in India on just one day he decapitated over a 100,000 people. This time he used the heads to build a huge hideous pyramid. Again, the message came through with clarity. Either convert to Islam or in a gruesome fashion have your head hewed off your shoulders.

Next he turned his attention to his fellow Muslims, the Mamluks. After taking Damascus no one escaped. Tamerlane had the entire population hideously butchered. Even fellow Muslims were not spared death.

Then he turned his attention to Christian Armenia and Georgia. Only 60,000 people out of the entire population survived. And they were sold into slavery. Most of the survivors were women who were sold into sexual slavery to slake the lust of Tamerlane’s soldiers.

Finally he turned his attention to Baghdad, once considered the jewel of the Islamic world. After conquering the city Tamerlane ordered every soldier to present him with two severed human heads or lose their own head. The terrified soldiers quickly complied with this cruel order. In fact, some of the soldiers cut off the heads of prisoners captured in earlier campaigns just to have two human heads to drop at the feet of Tamerlane. His own soldiers were deathly afraid of this tyrant.

Tamerlane was a human monster. He killed over 17,000,000 of his fellow human beings. Of course, he was emulating Mohammed who began the beheading of infidels and even Muslim apostates. The Koran to this day still teaches this barbaric practice.Tamerlane raised the tradition of beheading to a new malevolent level of pure evil and sadism.

There is much to learn from the life of Tamerlane. The first lesson is there is a sharpened stake in some Muslim’s hands upon which your own severed head will be impaled. But maybe first you will be forced to watch in horror as your family is first decapitated or your wife is gang raped by Muslims in front of your eyes before you are killed.

The second lesson is that the Muslim hordes are coming for every last one of us in the next decade, or two, or three. Let me make this clear for you ! We can be conquered in the next 10 to 30 years. I am not saying this to frighten you, but to wake you up. We must begin resisting now ! We cannot wait a year or even a month. We must begin resisting now. This can and will happen to us unless we awake from our lackadaisical slumber now. Acquaint yourself with Islamic history and then you will know that they have basically been employing the same tactics for 1400 years right back to the time of Mohammed. If we resist now we can still save ourselves and the West. We must at all costs hurl back this theocratic political ideology of Islam. Perhaps, we can send it to Hell which is now the abode of Tamerlane, the Tyrant.

In hoc signo vinces,


Thank you, Dr. Bill Warner, for inspiring me to further  research the historical personage of Tamerlane

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