The Slithering Serpent Of Sharia

Fellow infidels,

Strider the Ranger likens a cobra to the evil of Sharia law – Burkasrugly

A good friend of mine who is a Christian Sudanese pastor describes Sharia as a venomous snake. Being from Khartoum he states that the snake is actually a cobra. One that is highly poisonous excreting neurotoxin from its pair of twin fangs. My good friend states that you must keep you door closed at all times, especially at night when cobras move around. Often a cobra will find an open door and slither into your house. At first it will hide under your bed, or beneath the sofa, or perhaps in the protective darkness of a closet. After living in your house for several days the snake grows braver. And with increasing boldness it begins to move around more. It silently crawls around your house exploring everything and everyone. Then one night it bites you. The cobra’s teeth are like needles so sharp and fine that you really don’t feel the puncture. But 30 seconds after the bite you experience  fiery pain in your leg. By then the cobra has made its escape. If not treated you will die within three to six hours. The cobra’s neurotoxin shuts down your central nervous system. Finally your nerves can no longer direct your muscles. At the very end your heart stops beating and your lungs cease breathing. You expire in great agony.

This is a very apt metaphor for Sharia. It is always lurking outside your house or nation seeking entry. Some smiling Imam cheerily tells us that Sharia is harmless. In fact it is totally compatible with the U.S. Constitution. Sharia is mainly concerned, we are told, with dietary rules and the ritual of Islamic worship. The longer the Sharia snake stays in your home the bolder it becomes. Next it demands we honor Islam and that we abandon any critical intellectual debate about Sharia. We must sacrifice free speech to avoid insulting Islam. The final stage is the deadly strike of the Sharia serpent. Over 80% of Sharia is involved with the treatment of infidels  or Kafirs ( translation: folks like you and I). Ultimately the poison of Sharia enervates Western Civilization and its cherished values. Very few cultures who have experienced the deadliness of Sharia have ever recovered their vigor.

You kill the Sharia snake by becoming aware of the ultimate deadly agenda that this archaic, despotic, barbaric Islamic legal system seeks to impose. As surely as night follows day, so the atrocities of Sharia follow its meekest introduction. There is no such thing as a little bit of Sharia.

Keep the doors of your houses locked tight. Do not allow the Sharia serpent to enter our nation.

Just kill the damned snake !

Strider the Ranger

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