Celebratory Gunfire

In an under reported news item from BBC on 10/31/2012 it was revealed that 25 people were killed in Saudi Arabia from celebratory gunfire. Here is how the story unfolded. This man created disaster took place in the village of Ain Badr. The occasion was a wedding. Now in Saudi Arabia it is important to note that men are separated from women at weddings. The Saudis’ strict interpretation of Sharia demands gender segregation at such events. All the women were gathered in the female only tent.

Meanwhile, outside the Muslim men began wildly firing in the air. Obviously, these idiots never learned about the law of gravity. Bullets never reach the escape velocity from gravity. And they certainly do not go into orbit around the earth. What goes up must inevitably come down. The morons must have unleashed quite a fusillade of bullets. Either a freshly fired round or a falling bullet severed a high voltage electric line. The hot arcing line fell on the women’s tent quickly generating an inferno. The death toll was 25. The Saudi press reported laconically that most of the dead were women. In addition another 30 were injured (most likely burned) badly enough to require hospitalization.

What is missing from this terse reporting is the horror these poor women must have experienced. It is appalling enough to be garbed in a 15 pound canvass coffin. It is horrid to never feel the breeze of a cool night air on your skin, nor the warmth of the morning sun. The full burkha is designed to deprive the female wearer of all sensory experience. But imagine what it must feel like to be totally enveloped in fire while wearing the burkha. How do you rip this flaming garment off. If you run more oxygen spreads the fire faster. These women literally became screaming, writhing torches! That horrible unmistakable smell of burning human flesh must have been nauseating.

How many of the injured disfigured women will hear the thrice repeated formula of “I divorce you” uttered by their husbands simply because such women are considered ugly because of their charred faces and bodies. They will go forth into the larger Saudi world as pariahs. Women who are spoiled by their disfigurement and without any means of financial support or assistance. How many of these women will experience such despair that they will kill themselves. The ramifications of this calamity will continue for decades. And it is all the fault of male Islamic goons. Muslim savages whose idea of the proper wedding celebration is to fire weapons heedlessly into the air with no real sense of where those deadly projectiles will land.

Lest you think this is an isolated event in July of 1999 an almost identical occurrence happened. This time at another wedding a wild barrage of bullets fired by more Muslim nitwits brought down another powerline. The death toll was an astounding 77.

May God have mercy on Saudi women who are hopelessly dominated by Muslim misogynists.

In hoc signo vinces,


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