Saudi Women Tracked Like Dogs

Fellow infidels,

Oh, the joys of being a woman in Saudi Arabia!  They have the privilege of wearing those lovely cloth coffins that are so stifling in the desert heat.  They get to be beaten by their husbands….you remember…those guys that claim that they treat their women LIKE JEWELS.  Um, hmmm.

Now, according to an article from the Assyrian International News Agency, Saudi husbands will be alerted by text message if their wives leave the country.  Now why would any woman want to leave a country where they are treated less than dirt and are not allowed to drive?  Oh, yes, and we can’t forget the Saudi religious police, can we?  Consider what one journalist said about the matter:

The authorities are using technology to monitor women,” said columnist Badriya al-Bishr, who criticised the “state of slavery under which women are held” in the ultra-conservative kingdom.

Women are not allowed to leave the kingdom without permission from their male guardian, who must give his consent by signing what is known as the “yellow sheet” at the airport or border.

It all seems so strange that the so-called women’s rights groups whine and moan about American men.  Why don’t they stand up for women like these in Saudi Arabia who are REALLY experiencing horrific treatment at the hands of Satanic imams and ‘religious’ leaders?

Their lack of courage and involvement will not help them if Islam takes over America and Sharia law is implemented.  Their necks will be one of the first to be on the chopping block.

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