Dr. Bill Warner Addresses Jonesboro ACT! For America Part 2

Fellow Infidels,

This is the second part of the report on Dr. Bill Warner’s address to the Jonesboro, AR chapter of ACT! for America. Burkasrugly

Muslims have ethical options that non-Muslims do not have, says Dr. Bill Warner, an expert on Islamic political doctrine.

He explained that in Western civilization our guiding light is the Golden Rule. It is found in some form in all major religions with the exception of Islam. The Islamic ethical system only applies to other Muslims. There are no such restrictions in the Golden Rule. The “others” in “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You” means every human being, not just Christians.

Warner noted that Mohammed repeatedly said that it was ok to deceive the kafir (non-Muslims) if the deception promoted Islam. This is why, he added, that when Muslims lie they have no internal contradiction because it is morally acceptable to lie to the infidel.

A Muslim is not supposed to lie to another Muslim except in a few instances. One instance is in the promotion of jihad. Remember Mohammed Atta, one of the 9-11 hijackers? He went to strip clubs, drank alcohol, etc., but it was ok because it was all for the deception of the infidel. Sun Tzu, in The Art of War said that war is deceit.

Other reasons a Muslim can lie to another Muslim include lying to his wife (which is ok because she is nothing but a sub-human creature, so what does it matter?), or to paper over differences in order to make things peaceful.

Warner pointed out that this aspect of Islam is affecting America in a negative way because everyone readily believes the good stuff about Islam, but not the bad. In fact, he says that for speaking the truth about radical Islam he has been rewarded with name calling from the media including such monikers as “merchant of hate” and “Islamaphobe.” Perhaps these members of the media should get off their lazy rear ends and do some REAL investigative journalism. Maybe then they would stop blaming the messenger and go after the real demons. But, oh my, that would offend their far-Left multicultural sensibilities. We simply can’t have that, now can we?

In addition to lying, murder is given a green light. In fact, the murder of apostates is condoned in the Sunna, which is one of Islam’s holy texts, Warner says. Additionally, when Islam takes over a country or society, the People of the Book (Jews and Christians) are given three choices: convert, die, or pay the jizya (the infidel tax), and become a dhimmi. A dhimmi is a non-Muslim who has agreed to live under Sharia Law as a third-class citizen.

This is what happened in what is now modern-day Turkey, Warner said. This country, which was known as Asia Minor or Anatolia, was at one time 99.7% Christian and 0.3 % Muslim. Islam came in and killed their leaders and many inhabitants became dhimmis. Living the life of a dhimmi is almost unbearable, so many converted to Islam. Under Islamic Sharia law, dhimmis can’t testify in court, ride a horse, or carry a gun. A special tax, the jizya, is levied upon them and is generally half of their income. They can’t wear a cross that is visible to anyone, nor can they ring church bells or sing very loudly in church.

Sharia law is already being introduced into America, Warner said. There are ways to fight it, though.

He emphasized that church leaders are very far behind in understanding and acting upon this threat to our civilization. Warner said that “the pews are way out ahead of the pulpit,” because it is church members, not the pastors who are waking up to the threat of Sharia law.

Our society has to get up to speed on this issue because right now some sectors like the media and universities are complicit with promotion of Sharia. For instance, there are many school textbooks that praise Islam, but say little or nothing about Christianity or Judaism, except in a negative light. Warner said that he searched in vain to find a university program that includes a class that takes a critical look at Islam. Why do they get special treatment? Christianity certainly gets torn to shreds on university campuses in America. It sure sounds like our Leftist friends in the American university system are trying their darndest to destroy Western civilization.

Warner has a plan to stop the spread of Political Islam/Sharia in America. He cites Sun Tzu’s rules of war as a basis for his plan. The first rule of war, according to Sun Tzu is “know your enemy.” Warner calls Political Islam the “far enemy” and apologists for Islam the “near enemy.” We do not have to deal with the far enemy, Warner said. Instead, there needs to be a “flanking attack” on the near enemy. As he pointed out, these people are not going to set off a car bomb, but they will drop the “bigot bomb.” They know that people are very afraid of being called a bigot, and they use this tactic liberally. People must find a way to get over this fear, Warner noted.

Also, he said the second rule of war states that you must know yourself. Specifically, Warner says that we must know ourselves in the light of the enemy. People must understand that 270 million kafirs (that’s us) have been murdered due to the violent spread of Islam over the course of 1,400 years. We must educate ourselves about the Christian persecution that is going on in many places in the world at this very minute. Our side must be armed with the facts. He suggested reading about Mohammed and learning to debate.

Warner said that he is encouraged because he has seen a shift in the public’s attitude. Formerly, people like him who have been sounding the warning bells about radical Islam have been viewed as “quirky wackos.” However, he said that he has recently begun to speak to churches from the pulpit, and many constituents are showing up to the lectures interested in what he has to say.

The Church needs to be saturated with the truth of Islam, Warner said. Christian knowledge of Islam is terrible, but Jewish knowledge of islam is tragic.

Finally, the third rule of war is that we must declare our moral purpose – which in this case is to save our civilization.

This is a very good reason, indeed.

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