Dutch Revoke Blasphemy Laws

Fellow infidels,
We can report some good news tonight…the Dutch Parliament has revoked a decade-old blasphemy law from its statute book.  And at least one writer gives credit where credit is due….to Dutch politician Geert Wilders.  Make that at least two writers….I’m saying that he did influence this decision also.

This man, Geert Wilders,  can never live a normal life because of Muslims hounding him to hunt him down  and kill him like an animal.  He has told the truth about Islam and they just can’t bear it.

According to Robert Sibley of the Ottowa Citizen, Wilders was prosecuted — some say persecuted – for alleged hate speech crimes against Muslims, including referring to the Koran as a “fascist book” that promotes ideological views comparable to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf and saying that if the Prophet Muhammad were alive today he would “be hunted down as a terrorist.”

Sibley also notes that during Wilders’ trial he wrote that the only conclusion that he could come up with for the case getting so far was that the Western power elites were for some reason afraid to defend their own culture.  Great!  Wimps in power.  Well, at least they finally got some backbone.

Wilders also warned about the downside of multiculturalism, Sibley noted, with its naive premise of the equality of all cultures, has been a “disaster” in Europe because “because it is being used as a tool to promote Islam.”

Sibley concluded with the following:

I don’t understand how these “elites” – politicians, academics, journalists – can so readily surrender to a fundamentalist creed that if it acquired political power in the West would enact laws to destroy liberal traditions that sustain women’s equality, acknowledge the rights of homosexuals and even tolerate atheism.  None of these “liberal” practices would be tolerated under Sharia law, but, somehow, the elites figure westerners have to tolerate those who promote them.

Maybe some of Geert Wilders backbone will rub off on a few of America’s politicians….but then again, maybe not.  We have to make sure we let our representatives know we are aware of the dangers of Islam.  If more people start writing and calling their legislators to let them know that they do not want sharia law or mega mosques in their midst then maybe they will sit up and take notice.  We all need to become active in getting the word out about this totalitarian political system that masquerades as a religion.

To read Sibley’s full article, click here.

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