Nazi-Like Muslim Day Parade Insults All Americans

Fellow infidels,
Just imagine that it is 1939.  Nazi Germany is in full swing. Now, imagine that the members of this hateful ideology are calling it a religion and are marching down the streets of New York.  This did not happen, but think about how Islam is portrayed today.  It wraps itself in religion in order to escape scrutiny.  Any probing questions or concerns are immediately said to be ‘Islamaphobic’ or ‘racist’ by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) or other Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Islamic organizations.  Americans MUST not allow this feigned outrage by these groups to halt perfectly legitimate inquiries into the nature and activities of this movement.  Islam is much more than a religion…it is an all-encompassing totalitarian system that controls everything in a person’s life. Your blood will boil after you watch this video:

In the video clip above, unbelievably the parade participants are carrying the black flag of Islamic conquest in this parade in New York City.  How well would that go over if they didn’t claim to be a religion?  This has got to stop!  People are going to have to stop being afraid and stand up to not only the people who participated in this parade, but more so our elected leaders who ALLOW it to happen.

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