The Caliphate Of Darkness

Fellow infidels,

Winston Churchill once spoke about the “iron curtain” of communism.  Communism was bad enough, but Islam takes the cake. Instead of an iron curtain, Islam represents a black hole.  A black hole filled with death, destruction, hate, torture, and hopelessness.  If people are apathetic, wimpy, politically correct or otherwise STUPID about this very real threat, then we all are doomed and will be sucked into this black hole.  Please, please take time to educate yourself about Islam.  Don’t just parrot what your liberal/communist masters feed to you….they are LYING to you.  If you value freedom, please read Constantine’s blog below and take heed – Burkasrugly

The blackness of universal Jihad is descending upon the civilized world. This is more than a physical darkness. It is a penetrating spiritual darkness brought on by the growing, resurgent power of Islam. An Islam that has not changed in 1400 years. An Islam whose basic values are a stark contradiction to the freedom of the West. An Islam that is antithetical to the Judeo-Christian tradition and values. An Islam that denies all that is decent, good and kind in human nature.

The perverse symbol of this dark spiritual power is the office of the Caliphate. This is the epitome and concentration of the black power of Islam. The Caliph is the supreme ruler of Islam. He (for only a man can hold this office) is the successor of that malevolent Mohammed of the Seventh Century. Muslims love to talk about returning to the purity of this demon driven desert religion. Islam, as Winston Churchill stated a century ago, is the greatest retrograde force on the planet.

Islam has never outgrown its predatory nature of caravan raiding and putting everyone to the sword just as it did 1400 years ago. Islam produces nothing for the larger world but misery and abject slavery. There are no scientific advances in Islam. This is why sick Saudi princes invariably go the Mayo Clinic for treatment. This is why the Middle East acquires its weaponry from Russia, Great Britain and the United States. Have you ever hear of a computer, an iPhone or iPad being produced in a Muslim country? How about a cure of some dreaded disease?

The darkness of the caliphate is always accompanied by the implementation of Sharia law. Sharia is 80% concerned with regulating every aspect of the non-Muslim’s daily life down to the smallest detail. Sharia is a soul-destroying legal system. Its goal is the destruction of all civilization other than Islamic culture. And if left unchecked will quickly bring about the demise of competing belief systems.

The black flag of Jihad is advancing across the world. The Caliphate is poking its hideous head up once again thanks to the Muslim Brotherhood. We must stop the advance of Islamic spiritual darkness dead in its tracks. To fail to do so will consign the West to a thousand years of blackness and barbarism.

How do you stop the advance of an evil, immoral religion that is in reality a theocratic, political ideology of total tyranny? You do so by shining the Light on it. We need a restoration of real Christianity, not the politically correct inoffensive pap that is dished up Sunday after Sunday at most churches. Good religion can drive out bad religion. Light can drive out darkness.

In this holy season of Advent that prepares our souls for Christmas Day, we hear the timeless message of the Gospel of John. Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the Light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the Light of life.” John 8:12.

World without end. Amen !

In hoc signo vinces,


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