Shhh! Don’t Criticize Pedophilia: It’s Part Of Islam

Fellow infidels,

Here is further evidence that the Leftists and radical Muslims work hand in hand…the American Psychological Association wants to ‘destigmatize’ pedophilia so as to not huuurrrrt the feelings of pedophiles.  This is a purely Leftist organization. And now, the U.S. Army virtually admits that pedophilia is part of Islam.  Their manual warns soldiers in Afghanistan to avoid certain subjects such as women’s rights and pedophilia. What the heck???? Are we not America?  Why are we over there protecting pedophiles and woman-haters?  Why are our fellow Americans laying their lives down for this??? Why are we paying TAXES for this?

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch was quoted in the article and said this about the manual:

“This draws attention to the fact that despite denials by the U.S. government  and groups like CAIR, these things are a part of official Islam,” Spencer said. “However, I don’t expect them to have the honesty to acknowledge the  inconsistency.”

“We are essentially sending the message that the United States endorses  pedophilia by refusing to speak out against it. I don’t see any way around  this.”

He said that by telling soldiers not to speak against pedophilia, the  military and the U.S. government is essentially endorsing the behavior.

Clare Lopez, also a senior fellow with the Clarion Fund, was also quoted in the article.  She said the new manual  is another example of how the military is sending the message that Western  culture and values are subservient to Islam.

“It’s another step in a process of submission to the appeasement of Islam  that the United States leadership including military leadership has been  pursuing for quite a while,” she said. “The entire program seems to be geared to  appeasing the Taliban and jihadists by giving in to their world view which says  Islam should not be offended and letting them decide what is offensive.”

Great.  Our president PLUS our military is coddling the Satanic ‘religion’ of Islam.  All Americans should be up in arms about this development.

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