The Criminal God

Fellow infidels,

Constantine hits the bullseye again with this spot-on assessment  of the Satanic religion, Islam – Burkasrugly

The Grand Ayatollah Ahmad Al Baghdadi Al Hassani of Iraq recently appeared on Egyptian TV. He gave his approval to murder all Christian men who refused to convert to Islam. Then he declared their wives and daughters could become the possessions of the
Muslims. In other words they could be raped at will. What kind of religion issues such ghastly decrees? In one short word: Islam.

None of the world religions legitimizes the raping of women except the criminal religion of Islam. Very few men understand the dynamics of rape. Rapists are driven not by the lure of sexual satisfaction. Rape is about power. It is about men exercising the ultimate illicit power over women, the violating of both their bodies and their souls. It is about terrorizing women both now and in the future. Rape is all about taking away the last vestige of security for women and girls.

Mohammed the mad man invented Islam by claiming to have had revelations directly from Allah. Furthermore, Muslims are forbidden upon pain of death to either doubt or criticise these so-called revelations. Technically, to do so is to commit blasphemy. A crime,
according to the Koran, punishable by hideous death.

The truth about is Islam is that it is a criminal religion invented by a criminal Mohammed. Allah was created in the image of Mohammed. Allah existed only in Mohammed’s mad, deluded imagination. It is a religion founded upon a criminal mentality. Thus, rape, torture, killing, enforced loyalty, lying, and conversion by the sword became part and parcel of the practice of Islam. Hence the saying there is no moderate or radical Islam. There is only the Islam of the Koran, the Hadiths and the Sira. There is only the Islam of the mad, murderous, maniac Mohammed.

Islam is a criminal religion that worships a criminal God and has spawned generations of the vilest criminals over its 1400 year history. If you are a Muslim open your eyes and abandon your criminal religion. Any other religion will be a step upward for you !

In hoc signo vinces,


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