Raped Woman Gets 100 Lashes; Muslim Rapist Gets Off Free

Fellow infidels,

Constantine is back with a story that will make you very angry.  Sadly, this story about a woman in Afghanistan who was raped then blamed for the rape is all too common in Muslim countries.  A large portion of Muslims prefer to live like cavemen did thousands of years ago.  This woman was spared death by stoning, but she was given 100 lashes.  Most of us could not even imagine even getting one lash.  To top it off, she was beaten in front of thousands of people.  What humiliation!  To be violently raped, then blamed for the rape, and finally to be beaten to within an inch of her life!  What atrocities!  Muslims…..why do you continue to let this happen?  Do not cop out and blame it on ‘Islamaphobia’ which is a phony term, made up to keep you from facing the truth about your ‘religion.’ And you say that you respect your women?  Why did this man get off scott free then? – Burkasrugly

The great Pamela Geller reported on this true story coming out of Afghanistan.

Sabera, an Afghan woman, was raped by a 24-year-old man from the same country. Sabera lived in Ghazni province. She was charged with having sexual relations with the man outside marriage. In other words, she committed adultery. Now in Islam this is a serious, even capital, offense. Usually the penalty is stoning. The offending woman is buried up to her chest. The crowd of angry men are permitted to throw fist sized rocks at her until she expires from severe trauma to the head and chest. The reason baseball sized rocks are used is to prolong the woman’s suffering. Death by stoning comes agonizingly slow. Often times the torture lasts for hours. It is not a quick process.

Her local imams decided to let Sabera off light. She got the minimal punishment
authorized by the Hadith, a mere 100 lashes.

In the West rape allegations are taken seriously. Usually an examination in a hospital
takes place. The examining physicians look for signs of trauma. If ejaculation
occurred samples are taken to have a DNA base. All of these items are introduced
as court evidence.

But in misogynistic Islam the rules are quite different. Any woman who makes a complaint of rape must produce 4 male witnesses to corroborate her story. How many rapes take place in front of a crowd of four or more men ? Very few rapes take place in the
center of a bazaar. And if they do, they are usually gang rapes and no one comes forth
to testify on the behalf of the woman.

According to Sabera, the rapist kept calling her on her mobile phone. She asked him on numerous occasions to stop calling her. One day the rapist called and told Sabera that people in the village were saying terrible things about her. If her father found out he would kill her to protect the family honor. The rapist convinced Sabera he was her benefactor and wished to discuss this rumor in private with her. She met with him alone. And then the rape took place.

Sabera went to the village elders and complained. Since she could not produce the four
male witnesses, ergo, she was judged to be an adulteress. She was flogged with a 100
stripes in front of a crowd of over 2,000 people, largely males. I am sure they were shouting the mandatory, “Allahu Akbar” while the sentence was being carried out. Afterward, RAWA, an Afghan women’s rights group spirited her away to a safe house in Kabul.

Women under strict Sharia are property and mere chattel of vastly superior intelligent Muslim men. Horses, sheep and even goats are treated better in Islam than women and girls. Islam is filled with men who are incapable of loving and cherishing women. It is a society dominated from top to bottom with vilest forms of misogyny.

Oh, I almost forgot about the rapist. He received the prevailing treatment under Sharia law. He was released !

In hoc signo vinces,


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