UN, Islam Want Sharing of Christian Faith To Be Criminalized

Fellow infidels,

We want to welcome a guest blogger called Charlie Horse, who penned the following blog about the UN and the Defamation of Religions blasphemy law. If our US Senate ok’s this, then just sharing your Christian faith could get you thrown in jail….or worse. You can thank Hillary Clinton for this one! She was all on board with it. Don’t think it can’t happen here….we have a Muslim sympathizer in the White House, so anything is possible. What can you do, you ask? Why you can do a lot! Get on that phone and call your senators to make sure they will NOT ratify the UN Defamation of Religions resolution. And don’t just call once…make follow-up calls to make sure that they know you are on top of this. Be courteous, but firm – Burkasrugly

The United Nations (U.N.) is reviving “Defamation of Religions” resolutions (DOR). Vote and passage could occur any day. They’re trying to make DOR appear to ban religious discrimination, a global ‘guarantee of religious freedom.’ In fact it’s a deadly dangerous deception – standard operating procedure for radical Islamists.

Under DOR’s, if you share your Christian or non-Muslim (‘Infidel’) faith you become an “enemy of Islam,” risking arrest, imprisonment, even death (e.g., Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani). U.N. DORs effectively apply Islamic “blasphemy laws” (“BL”) to ‘Infidels’ worldwide. BLs are being enforced in Muslim nations with some of the most brutal and barbaric Islamic Sharia laws – crucifixion, be-heading, stoning.

Islamists use the “Mohammed” movie and Middle East uprisings to re-energize their efforts to make Islam the only ‘religion’ worldwide. They seek U.S. Constitutional protection as a ‘religion;’ in reality they’re a seditious, violent, militaristic, political ideology not protected by the U.S. Constitution. Islam’s openly expressed goal, a Sharia law requirement, is to dominate the world and exterminate all non-Muslims; so they’re pushing to make Islam and Sharia law dominant worldwide. The Muslim Brotherhood openly declared all-out war against the U.S. and all ‘Infidels’ worldwide. Team B II’s (U.S. terrorist experts) 4/25/2011 letter and report to U.S. Congressional leaders calls radical Islam “the dominant threat of our time.”

If Americans don’t educate, stand and defend themselves, they could become subject to Islamic control and Sharia law. This has been, and will continue to be, a daily battle for Americans for years. Islam deceptively works to overwhelm America. Americans are (passively not) fighting a war they could lose; they’re now losing it every day, every way, while the population sleeps and Congress, chain-bound by ‘political correctness,’ assists our enemies in their efforts.

Every ‘Infidel’ is an ‘enemy of Islam.’ Islamic terrorists ignore law and justice. DOR provides excuses for committing criminal acts against ‘Infidels’; U.N. approval could intensify atrocities being committed against ‘Infidels’. DOR introduction during Christmas season emphatically demonstrates their contempt for Christianity. DORs should be highly offensive to every ‘Infidel’ and every loyal American; they violate the U.S. Constitution and introduction during the Christmas season is tantamount to desecration of Christian beliefs.

The American Center for Law and Justice (http://aclj.org/) is fighting DOR and needs the help of all ‘Infidels’ to defend our faiths just as we need their help for the same reason.

Charlie Horse

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