Always Bet On The Nun

Fellow infidels,
Strider the Ranger tells the story of Mother Paraskeva, a very brave nun who defended a monastery from a gang of Muslim savages. If this story doesn’t inspire you, then you are not paying attention! – Burkasrugly

The following news story was reported from southern Serbia on January 4, 2013. The Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin was heavily damaged by a gang of Muslims. This sacred site is the oldest Christian Church in Serbia. It was built in the 4th Century A.D. and is considered one of the holiest sites in Serbia claimed by the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Mother Paraskeva, who is a 62-year-old nun reported the following: “The door was smashed, and the entire interior was broken. Money from the candle sales and other items inside the monastery was stolen. All the icons (religious paintings used in the devotions of the Eastern Church) were smashed. I’m afraid they will come back, but I am not going anywhere. I’m here alone and old, but let them come, someone has to defend (this place).”

Noting that this monastery has often been attacked before Sister Paraskeva remarked, “Muslims from Kosovo were organized with the intention of coming to destroy the Serbian monasteries in this area. This is not the first time something like this has happened. Last year on Good Friday they attacked me. If I didn’t have my stick, I would have hardly been able to defend myself.

A single stick was her defense against a horde of marauding Muslim ! Wow ! What a gutsy nun.

Speaking of the most recent destruction she said, “There is nothing left, this is terrible! The whole world stood up on their feet because of a cartoon of Muhammad, but when all the monasteries and churches are destroyed, no one responds.” Herein, lies the tragedy. Muslims are outraged and riot because some poor artist draws a cartoon of their beloved Prophet. Yet when hundreds of churches are looted, thousands of cars are burned across Europe and Muslims threaten to behead infidels and blasphemers, no one voices the first word of protest. Now, now children we must avoid offending the Muslims at all cost. We must sacrifice freedom on the altar of political correctness. We must retreat from any and all potential conflicts with these Islamic monsters. Just in case you haven’t looked recently, the West is running out of room to retreat further.

All the dear Sister is asking for is reciprocity between Christians and Muslims. As Christians we are raised to respect all religious view points, even the ones with which we differ. Yet Muslims who believe they are the Master Race, think they are right 100% of the time. The Jews and Christians are always wrong. Islam has no Golden Rule, no requirement that Muslims treat everyone (including the people they have labeled “infidels”) as they themselves wish to be treated.

When I was in public school about 1960 (in a period known as the Dark Ages) my Roman Catholic friends who attended parochial schools spread terrifying tales about the punishment Nuns armed with rulers were able to inflict. Imagine Sister Paraskeva armed with a big stick and also with God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ on her side. She has the ultimate defense against Muslim savages; her Christian faith.

Dear Sister your plight does not go unheeded by everyone. Some of us know and care.Some of us admire your defense of the holy places in Serbia. But most importantly God, the real God, as the psalmist states “is your shield and buckler.”

If I were a betting man, I would place a bet on this 62-year-old Nun to win.

Strider the Ranger

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