Is Paris Burning ?

Fellow infidels,

It is a shame that the French have allowed these brutes to take over their country and do these despicable acts to intimidate the French citizens.  Come on France!  You are better than this!!! Why won’t they formalize a plan to hit these dudes hard and make believers out of them?  Is appeasing these Neanderthal’s worth the price? You KNOW what would happen if these militant Muslims tried this in our country….some good ole boys…that is… some bitter clingers….well, let’s just say that the Muslims would not be able to continue their ‘tradition’ of torching cars here year after year – Burkasrugly

In 1966 a movie was released entitled Is Paris Burning? This movie was based
on the real life liberation of Paris in 1944. Adolph Hitler ordered the military governor, General Dietrich von Choltitz, to burn Paris to the ground as the German army abandoned the city. The title of the movie comes from actual question Hitler asked his chief of staff, General Alfred Jodl, “Is Paris burning ?” Thankfully, Choltitz did not burn down the beautiful city of Paris. He chose to disobey der Fuhrer at considerable risk to himself.

Fast forward to the late 1990′s. Muslim militants started a horrendous New Year’s Eve tradition which continues till today. They began burning vehicles, cars, vans, pickup trucks and even motorcycles. Each year the toll of vehicles grew.

In October of 2005 general rioting of Muslims broke out in the greater Paris area. Over the next six weeks the insurrection spread to 247 French cities and towns. It took both the French police and the army to restore a degree of order. During this period 8,973 vehicles were torched. The Muslims succeeded where Adolph Hitler and his band of Nazi fanatics failed.

On New Year’s Eve of 2009 the Islamic militants ignited 1,147 vehicles. In an irrational attempt to appease these malevolent great-grandchildren of the Prophet the French government never released figures for either 2010 or 2011. The attempt to purchase peace (otherwise called dhimmitude) by silence failed miserably. Unofficial reports cited burning cars all over Paris on New Year’s Eve of both 2010 and 2011. This year 1,193 cars were torched according to Interior Minister Manuel Valls.

This is simply Jihad by another name. Islamic supremacy gives them the right to destroy the property of infidels. Besides it is an extremely low-cost form of terrorism. A few matches and some rags combined with gasoline and up goes a car in fast and furious flame. This also provides an ambush opportunity. When the firemen show up, so does a much larger Muslim mob. The mob attacks the firemen with rocks, clubs, knives and iron pipes. There is also gunfire and Molotov cocktails at times.

Is Paris burning today ? You had better believe it. Where Hitler failed, Islam is succeeding. Islamic fascists are infinitely more brutal than even Nazi fascists. And they are even more devoid of morality and compassion. And they are on the verge of subjugating even more countries than the Germans of World War II.

These monsters must be stopped !

Vive la France ! (Hopefully before it is too late)


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