Review Of Phoenix Rising: Firebase Freedom

Fellow infidels,

You will want to rush out and purchase Phoenix Rising: Firebase Freedom by William W. Johnstone, with J.A. Johnstone after you read this review by Constantine.  It is a fictional story, yet you will find some eerie similarities to today’s political climate….Burkasrugly

This is a fictional work based on an Islamic takeover of the United States government. Set in the near future Medhi Ohmshidi is elected President of the United States by campaigning on the promise of “fundamentally transforming America”. Once in office he proceeds to carry out this promise with a vengeance. He totally re-distributes wealth to the point the economy collapses. More people are on the dole than are paying taxes. We are unable to pay our military, so the greatest fighting force in the world disintegrates. Islamic terrorists seizing upon the chaos, detonate three nuclear weapons in some of the nation’s largest cities. Tens of millions of citizens die in the blast and the subsequent radioactive fallout. Over a third of the country is starving and our infrastructure ceases to function.

President Ohmshidi, who many think is foreign-born, tosses aside any pretension of being a Christian and publicly announces his loyalty to Islam. Now in order to get an I D card which allows people to buy food, gasoline and electricity they must convert to Islam. Of the surviving American population 70% become Islamic to feed their families. The Statue of Liberty is destroyed, plus the statuary on the Mall in D.C is also leveled. Sharia is declared the law of the land. Now the Mall is used as a place of public execution. Televised stonings and beheadings take place on the Mall. Sharia replaces the U.S. Constitution.

Next President Ohmshidi disbands Congress and names himself as President for Life. Our defunct military is replaced by the State Protective Services (known as SPS for short). The SPS is required to pledge personal loyalty not to the Constitution but to President O.
Private gun ownership is outlawed. People who refuse to turn in their firearms are summarily executed. Fox News, the NRA and the Boy Scouts are designated terrorist organizations and are banned from American life.

President O initiates a special fascist Islamic salute. It consists of a clenched fist against the chest with the utterance of “Obey Ohmshidi.” Anyone who refuses this salutation is suspect. The Great Seal of the United States is replaced by a capital O imposed upon a blue background. President O also confiscates all the property of Jewish American citizens and has them placed in relocation centers.

However, there are a handful of patriots who are dedicated to taking back America. We meet George Gregoire (a thinly disguised Glenn Beck) who continues to make clandestine broadcasts until he is captured. Tried by fanatical Imams he is sentenced to public beheading on the Capitol Mall. Then we meet groups of patriots from south Alabama who do form an effective resistance to President O. Most of the book deals with the growing resistance movement. Their motto is “Take Back America.”

This book functions as a look into our dire future unless the citizenry awakens to the growing danger of Islamic supremacy. It is also a warning about “free stuff” and the tragically high price that will ultimately be paid for these entitlements.

This is a great cautionary tale about the future. It is also one well written story. The book can be ordered in paperback from Amazon for $6.99 or if you have a Kindle it can be downloaded for $4.99. Just buy it and read it. You will be glad you did.

Oh by the way, the Johnstones do state that it is purely coincidental if any of these characters represent real people. Yeah, right. Hmmm ?

In hoc signo vinces,


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