From Here To Timbuktu

Fellow infidels,

Finally, someone – the French – have stood up to the crazed Muslim hordes.  Thank you France! We hope you don’t let political correctness creep into your military moves against these monsters, because if you do, you are doomed because THEY do not respect any PC baloney – Burkasrugly

When I was a child my grandmother constantly used the phrase “From Here to Timbuktu.” In her mind the phrase simply meant a distant place. Little did she know this phrase originated in the 12th Century during the European Medieval Period. Then Timbuktu was at the very crossroads of North Africa.
It was located where the Sahara Desert met the less dry Sahel. It was the first reliable watering-place for the caravans crossing the Sahara. It was situated about ten kilometers from the Niger River. All distances in North Africa were measured from here to Timbuktu.

At this crossroads Timbuktu grew incredibly wealthy and sophisticated. By the 12th Century Timbuktu contained thriving markets, a huge library and a respected university that was even known in Europe. Yet beginning in the 1500′s at least three waves of militant Islamism swept over Timbuktu.
Finally the French in the late 19th Century put a stop to this rabid insanity. Most of North Africa became French colonies. Beginning in 1960 all of these colonies were granted their freedom by the French.

Last year several groups of Islamic militants tried to carve out a sanctuary in  Mali. Less than a month ago the Malians appealed to France to deliver them from the Muslim onslaught. Acting with lightening speed the French airlifted wheeled armor vehicles and paratroops into southern Mali. Moving rapidly with armor coordinated with devastating airstrikes the French rolled back the Muslim invaders. Timbuktu fell to the French today without a shot being fired. Jubilant crowds greeted the French and Malians as liberators.

The Muslims committed the usual crimes of Islamic barbarians; rape, murder, floggings, amputations and stonings. The Malians quickly got a bellyful of Sharia. In scenes reminiscent of World War II the locals cheered their liberators by waving French flags and shouting, “Vive la France !”

There are several lessons to be learned from this campaign. First, T.E. Lawrence (better know as Lawrence of Arabia) wrote in the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, “The Arabs are tremendous on offense, but are terrible on defense.” Quickly force Muslim armies on the defensive by hitting them hard and subject them to constant unrelenting pounding. They will run for their lives every time. As Nathan Bedford Forrest pointed out, “Keep up the scare.” As Americans we need to learn the Muslim world will never love us, no matter what we do. But we can damn well make them fear us. Muslims only respect the mailed fist in their faces. Raw naked force alone keeps them from attacking us.

Secondly, black troops well led and well-trained are tremendous fighters. Most black militaries are poorly trained in a culture of corruption. Give them good training and fair decent officers who earn their respect and the troops will perform brilliantly. Hopefully, this will take place in the ECOWAS countries. Great Britain announced today that they will send several hundred troops to help train the many African nations who are sending troops to Mali.

Thirdly, the next phase of the war will involve hunting down and killing the small bands of fleeing Islamic militants. They must all be killed. If not these monsters will simply reconstitute themselves after the French leave. Al-Qaeda and its affiliates are like a virus that is able to quickly metastasize and mutate. This is the lesson we as Americans
failed to learn in Iraq and Afghanistan. With our scheduled withdrawal time tables the terrorists knew they only had to wait us out. We are seeing the revival of Islamic terrorism
right now in Iraq. The only solution is kill all of these monsters and in a way they will be denied entry into the Great Whorehouse in the Sky. I will leave this process to the
reader’s imagination. As a Malian said yesterday, “These are not religious men, they are criminals.”

Vive la France ! Vive la Mali !

In hoc signo vinces,


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