Muslim Brotherhood Gets Torched, Literally

Fellow infidels,

It is rare, but there are some men in the Middle East who will protect women instead of rape and murder them.  We enjoyed seeing these maniacs getting their comeuppance with homemade flame throwers – Burkasrugly

Recently there have been massive protests in Tahrir Square in Cairo AGAINST Sharia Law. The Muslim Brotherhood has hired large groups of thugs to rape and molest the female anti-Sharia protestors. These criminals are paid $10 to $30 each to rape and sexually assault females. They hope to intimidate these courageous women.

However, lately Egyptian men are fighting back to protect their women. Some have identified the protectors as Coptic Christians. Others believe they are decent Muslims opposed to the implementation of Sharia. Perhaps, they are a combination of the two groups. In the video below there is filmed a fight between the rapists and the good guys. The good guys are wearing yellow hard hats with yellow vests. The good guys are also wielding clubs, knives and home-made flame throwers. Yes, you heard me correctly, home-made flame throwers. Notice the guy with the big red tank. He throws out an impressive stream of fire. There are smaller flame throwers ironically made out of cans of women’s hair spray. (I can’t wait till my wife is not home. I am going to steal some of her hair spray and create my own personal flame thrower. You just never know when a flame thrower might come in handy.) The action is chaotic and the fighting is swirling, ebbing and flowing in intensity. But if you look carefully you can see a woman being rescued, while the flame thrower men are holding back the Muslim Brotherhood rapists. Perhaps, instead of aiming the streams of fire at the bad guys faces, they should ignite their crotches. Male genitalia inside cheaper polyester pants that are on fire could be a discouraging reality against future rapes. At the very least it would give them a preview of what they can expect in the next world. It gives a whole new meaning to that song It’ll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight.

Check out the action below.

Liar, liar pants on fire;
Rapist, rapist crotch on fire.

The Scarlet Pimpernel

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