Imam Rauf To Speak At Memphis Church And College

Fellow infidels,

If you ever wonder what you can do to stop the spread of radical Islam into our culture, then you are in luck. Please read the blog below by Constantine and take action! Burkasrugly

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the controversial former Imam of the Ground Zero Mosque, is due to speak at Calvary Episcopal Church on February 25 at their Lenten Preaching Series. This series which has had a 90 year history in the city of Memphis is hitting an absolute low this year. Three days ago a lawsuit was brought against Imam Rauf by fellow Muslims alleging he misappropriated over $3 million dollars which was designated to two non-profits, the Cordoba Initiative and the American Society for Muslim Advancement.

Rauf instead used the funds to purchase a luxury sports car, buy personal real estate and lavish entertainment for he and his wife, Daisy Khan. But wait, the scandal even gets better. Some of the money was used for luxury gifts for Evelyn Adorno, age 57 who shared “a personal relationship with Rauf.” Plus the money financed trips for the Imam and his honey Evelyn Adorno. Could Adorno really be the second wife of the Imam ? In addition he lied about these gifts and filed fraudulent tax returns. Not exactly the kind of man to stand behind a Christian pulpit and lecture us on correct Muslim-Christian relations.

Later that night, Imam Rauf, will speak at Rhodes College, a prestigious Presbyterian school in Memphis. I find it highly ironic that the Church and the University, the very two institutions who are charged to pass along the Judeo-Christian tradition of the West have become active agents in betraying those values we hold sacred. Please call Calvary Episcopal Church and ask to speak to one of their ministers. Their phone number is 1-901-525-6602. Politely express your displeasure at their choice of Imam Rauf as a Lenten speaker. Also call Rhodes College at 1-901-843-3000. Ask to speak to Dr. William E. Troutt their President. Again, politely ask them to cancel the speech by Imam Rauf.

Email contacts for Calvary administrators:,,,,,

Email contacts for Rhodes College administrators:,,,,,,,,,

For a more complete bio on Rauf, click here.

Rauf is simply operating from his Islamic ethos. Just like his master, the prophet Mohammed, Rauf is practicing deceit, treachery, lying, fraud and possibly polygamy. Just the values Christians and young impressionable minds need to be taught.

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