Dhimmi ABC News Finally Has Factual Ft. Hood Story

Fellow infidels,

(Note:  Dhimmis are those non-Muslims who ‘suck up’ to Islamic militants and other Muslims in order to hopefully be in some sort of favored status)  – Burkasrugly

It is shameful that it took nearly 4 years, yes 4 YEARS! for the liberal mainstream media to allow a story like this one to be aired. In an exclusive ABC video from the day of the Ft. Hood terrorist attack (note: we do not use the ridiculous ‘workplace violence’ moniker that our foolish government officials aka Islamic brown nosers) chose to use.  This is a short, but powerful video of some of the survivors of the massacre.  Note that the last man says “this man (Hasan) was following orders from Anwar al Alaki…he was performing his jihad.”  Oh my, but did we foolishly think that jihad was an ‘inner struggle’? That’s what we have been told by all the liberal media.

Hear that foolish Obama administration?  Kiss up to Islamic extremists and you get fellow Americans killed! These people who were injured or killed in this massacre deserve Purple Hearts because this was a terrorist attack.  Click here to view the video.

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