Islamic Civil War

Fellow infidels,

Here is a great idea from Constantine…get the Sunni and Shia muslims to fight amongst themselves…and they won’t be pestering us!!! – Burkasrugly

The longest civil war in human history is between Shia and Sunni Muslims. This war started shortly after Mohammed’s death (632 A.D) and continues to this very day. After Mohammed’s death the Sunnis accepted Abu Bakr, the father of Aisha, Mohammed’s favorite wife out of his nine wives, as the Caliph or leader. Remember that old letch Mohammed supposedly received a special dispensation from Allah to have more than four wives plus all the sex slaves his wicked little heart desired. Sunnis believed the entire Ummah, the Muslim people, could choose their next Caliph.

The Shias believed the office of the Caliph should be hereditary. This group believed that Mohammed chose Ali his cousin to fill his blood soaked shoes. Ali was both the cousin and the son-in-law of Mohammed. (I know this gets confusing. It can only be explained by the incestuous behavior of Muhammed.) Ali married Fatimah, the daughter of Mohammed.

The next thirty years after the death of Mohammed were filled by intense bloodletting and internecine warfare between Shias and Sunnis. Nobody ever buried the hatchet except in someone else’s head. There is no forgiveness in Islam. Killing begets even more killing. Any atrocity toward one group must be paid back tenfold. Islam is totally about killing, cruelty and above all, revenge.

This blood feud has lasted almost 1400 years. Islam is not only a curse on Jews, Christians Buddhists and Hindus, but it is also a malediction upon Shias and Sunnis both. These two groups have battled each other down through the long corridors of history with unrelenting ferocity.

Often the West has had its back to the wall and would have fallen, except for the continuing civil war between Sunnis and Shias. This has proven to be saving gambit for the West. When Shias and Sunnis are murdering each other, there is little incentive to unite against Christians.

In the West our total inability to recognize this major divide in the ranks of Islam is an unexploited resource we have neglected. As brutal as it sounds Shias and Sunnis are both sworn enemies of the West. Yet as they kill each other, they are actually doing our work for us. We must literally learn to play Sunni against Shia, and Shia against Sunni. In other words, let the two groups of barbarians annihilate each other. The West just simply should not take either side. We don’t need to furnish weapons to these monsters either. They are quite capable of committing atrocities without high-tech weapons. In the past they have slaughtered millions with swords and knives. We need to get out of these countries populated by 7th Century barbarians and encourage them to destroy each other. An eventually weakened and divided Islam will at some point be an ineffective Islam. Our policy should be containment. Let the 1400 year old fire consume both the Shia and Sunni houses.

This strategy should be implemented in several ways. First, the Arabs have only one thing we need. It’s a short three-letter word. Oil ! We need to unleash the huge, oil rich reserves found in North America. By 2020 we in North America can easily produce 20 million barrels of oil today. Fracking, a high-tech oil recovery technique, is responsible for this conservative estimate. We need to quit being complicit with these barbarians for the simple luxury of running our automobiles.

Secondly, we need to stop importing trouble into the United States. We must cutoff both legal and illegal Muslim immigration into this country and also into the West. Political Correctness must be ignored. This doctrine which leads to multiculturalism can destroy us and will if left unabated.

One only needs to look at Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Syria and Lebanon to witness this age-old civil war in progress today. Over the weekend in Pakistan a Sunni massive bomb secreted in a market place killed 81 individuals and wounded 200 more, some quite severely. The market place was in a Shia majority town. There were also other IED attacks on the Shias in Iraq during the same time period. What kind of madmen engage in such wanton, senseless killing ?

Well, obviously the Muslim kind do.

In hoc sign vinces,


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