And So It Begins

Fellow infidels,

Will any of the liberal media keep up with and report attacks by Muslims on non-Muslims? Don’t hold your breath.  Not to worry…Constantine, who does the job that the mainstream media refuses to do,  will keep you informed.  Check out his blog – Burkasrugly

Yesterday, Tuesday, February 19, we crossed a new and dangerous threshold in the USA. There were three separate terror attacks, all uncoordinated. Yet fueled and driven by a common thread, blind hatred for all people considered infidels.

First of all in New Jersey, Yusef Ibrahim, a Muslim man killed two Egyptian Coptic Christians by shooting them. Then he cut off their hands and beheaded them according to
Koranic dictates. However, all is well, there was (according to the liberal press) no religious reason involved. That really makes me a feel a whole better. This is pure bovine scatology ! If you really believe that lame excuse you have less than room temperature I. Q.

Then on to southern California, where in Orange County another Muslim killed three random people before killing himself. (Why couldn’t he have just killed himself and spared three innocent people. Oh I forgot, unless he died killing infidels, he wouldn’t have gotten his ticket punched. And his free pass to the big Brothel in the Sky would have been cancelled.)

Ali Syed, aged 20, went on a murderous rampage early Tuesday morning. In the first 25 minutes three people were fatally shot and three more were wounded. He also carjacked three vehicles during his spree. When the police finally stopped him, Syed decided he wanted to visit his 72 virgins, so he shot himself. FOX News quoted the LA Times, “The motive for the shootings is still unclear.” Obviously, the LA Times’ reporters have never read the Koran, let alone the Haddiths and certainly not the Sira.

There is no word on the condition of the wounded. We can only pray to a merciful
God that they will live and recover.

Next, we visit New York City, where three Muslim street thugs using a baseball bat, tire
iron and a blackjack (Don’t all of you walk around every day with those three items
in your possession ?) almost killed a man. Sherik Rizk, 22, Hatem Farsakh, 24, and Mahmood Habib 30 (all good Presbyterians, well, maybe not) savagely mauled Kevin McCarron, 24, inflicting on him a fractured skull plus several other broken bones and severe contusions. Doctors expect Mr. McCarron to have life long severe brain damage.

Rizk’s forked tongue lawyer Spencer Leeds said, “He’s (Rizk) a graduate of Brooklyn College, has a double major in political science and psychology, and internships (get this legal phrase) up the wazoo. He was on the dean’s list. We maintain that he was nothing but a peacemaker.” Well after all, how many times have we been told that Islam is the religion of peace. Maybe, the trio were just engaging in their favorite hobby, beating infidels to within an inch of their life.

There were numerous witnesses to this horrible terror attack. Plus video was caught on
four surveillance cameras in the Greenwich Village and there was video on a cell phone.
Police charged the three with attempted murder, gang assault and assault for a melee.
Also police confiscated the two cars the Muslims were driving. However, Rizk and Farsakh
had the temerity to appear before the judge and ask for the return of their autos. As of
last report all three innocent Muslim victims were still afoot. Islamaphobia pure and
simple ! They masterfully played the victim card.

Again, these attacks were uncoordinated. However, there are some commonalities involved. All five of the attackers in the three locations were young Muslim men who followed a common ideology of hatred for non-Muslims. Also, all of them were following the 1400 year old command of that most perfect of all men, Mohammed. The brutual murders of infidels is a sacred duty of militant Islamists. You cannot reason with madmen, so don’t even try.

Tuesday Jihad came to three widely dispersed cities in America. Bloody, savage Islamic
warfare was unleashed on numerous Americans who were going about their daily routines.
None of those murdered had an inkling they were to be killed by Muslim fanatics last Tuesday, but they were. Meanwhile, President Obama, perhaps a closet Muslim, is trying to ram through by hook or crook new draconian gun laws. While Muslim thugs assault us,
President O, the Great and Mighty, is assaulting the Second Amendment. At the very time
we need guns to protect our families, they are in danger of being confiscated by a left
wing government that is verging on totalitarianism.

Tuesday marks a new chapter in the book of Jihad. Looking back historians will see this
day as the Day when Jihad came to the streets of America. The government does not have
your back. We are thoroughly infiltrated by stealth Jihadists who are hell bent (quite
literally) into turning America into Muslim nation. You are on your own and so it begins.
May God protect us, because Allah wishes to destroy us.

In hoc signo vinces,


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