A Theology Of War

Fellow Infidels,

Constantine has done it again….here is his latest:

The illustrious Robert Spencer  has said Islam is the only world religion that has a formulated theory of war. (It is also the only world religion that does not have some
form of the Golden Rule.) Jihad is the concrete expression of Islamic warfare. Jihad is the main instrument used to silence the critics of Islam. The ultimate goal of Jihad is to institute full-fledged Sharia.

For a  moment let’s see how Jihad is waged. People of the Book (Jews and Christians) have three choices when the Islamic horde over runs their homeland. First, they can leave Judaism or Christianity and convert to Islam. Islam does not care whether the conversion is voluntary or forced. The all important fact is that new Muslims are added to the total and these same converts are subtracted from Judaism or Christianity.

Secondly, those not wishing  to convert can pay the Jizya (a type of Islamic protection racket) tax. For this costly privilege they are allowed to survive at the hands of  their Muslim masters. In return they become dhimmis and accept a greatly restricted ability to practice their own religion. Furthermore, the dhimmi contract can be revoked by the Muslim masters at any time for any reason. When dhimmitude is revoked Jihad immediately becomes effective again.

But there is yet a third grisly option. Those brave souls who do not convert nor are willing to become dhimmis paying the protective Jizya poll tax are to be killed. In short, they
are hunted down and killed in a most painful way. Often they are decapitated, crucified, slowly strangled by Islamic hanging, or stoned. All of these forms of punishment are instituted in Sharia law and are legal punishment sanctioned by Islamic states. (a.k.a thugdoms).

Hindus and Buddhists have only two options. Convert or die. India has suffered more deaths from Jihad than any other nation. An estimated 80 million (80,000,000) innocent
human beings; men, women, children and babies; have died at the hands of Islamic monsters in the last 600 years. This has been the greatest war crime in human history.
Worldwide over 270 million (270,000,000) people have perished at the blood
soaked hands of these bastards since the time of Mohammed. Countless millions have been stolen from their native lands and sold into perpetual slavery and suffering by these brutes who call themselves sons of Allah.

This theology of war originated in the very life and practice of Mohammed. Mohammed was a mass murder. He killed numerous individuals in his life time and ordered the deaths of thousands more. Mohammed was also a rapist and a pedophile. He married a six
year old girl, but had the decency to wait until she was nine years old before consummating the marriage. He sanctioned slavery. He bought and sold numerous slaves in his life time. He also stole the possessions of those killed in Jihad. Mohammed kept 20% of the spoils for himself and his countless minions divided up the remainder.
(Hey, it’s good to be the Prophet ! Remember the 4 wife rule. Allah allowed Mohammed his on personal exemption. He alone could have all the wives and sex slaves his wicked little evil heart desired.)

Unless we wake up in the West we will experience first hand the Islamic theology of war.



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