Sharia In London

Fellow infidels,

Say a fond farewell to Western culture in Europe.  Who would have ever thought that one of the strongholds of Western Civilization, Great Britain, would be allowing its citizens to be harassed by Muslim mongrels?  How far have you fallen, England?  For you to allow these beasts to push you around in your own land is embarrassing and disheartening.  Buck up, men!  Remember Winston Churchill and all the other great Brits.  Do not forget WHO YOU ARE. Wake up, England!  Take back your land, your culture, and your DIGNITY!!!!  We have to be careful here in the United States to not fall into the same fate as Europe –  Burkasrugly

Merrye olde England is changing and not for the better. There are now many areas of London where Sharia has become the de facto legal code. Look at the video below. Muslim vigilantes freely roam the streets of London enforcing their own warped version of law.

Has Sharia trumped English Common Law ? Where are the British police ? Evidently, the British Bobbies need to be arresting these vicious vigilantes instead of ignoring these savages.

Whole areas of London are now posted with yellow placards proclaiming them to be Sharia enforced zones. Non-muslims are not even allowed to enter or even pass through these tracts. This is a total violation of British law. Any British citizen should be able to walk down any street in London.

Muslims, every place they settle, attempt to set up enclaves governed by Sharia which is contrary to all Western law. If the British people allow Muslims to commit such outrages they will find British law is on the way out. Give a Sharia believing Muslim an inch and he will take a mile.


This is the reason why American Laws for American Courts (ALAC) must be passed in all 50 states. Anyone who opposes ALAC by default helps the cause of Sharia.

The Scarlet Pimpernel

P.S. Thanks to KMN for the video.

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