Farrakhan Enlists The Aid Of Chicago Gangs To Protect The New Islamic State

Fellow infidels,

Remember the good old days when the most excitement in Chicago was when Mrs. O’Leary’s cow kicked over the lantern?  Well, today we have the beginning of another Muslim enclave in the Caliphate of Chicago (the first Muslim enclave is in Dearborn, Michigan).  Our Muslim-sympathizing president and his sidekick, Attorney General Eric Holder, will not lift a finger no matter what Farrakhan does or says.  Goodbye, America the Beautiful….hello Islamic hellhole! – Burkasrugly

Louis Farrakhan, racist, anti-Semite and all round insane bigot, is now proposing to turn Chicago into the new Islamic nation. He has put out a call for his new army to protect his pint-sized caliphate. He has called upon the gangs of Chicago to unite under his leadership and protect his Islamic state.

Recently, at a speech given at the University of Illinois Chicago Pavilion Farrakhan stated, “You (the gangs) are natural warriors to defend (the Islamic state), the science of war must be taught to us, so that we will protect whatever Allah allows us to buy or build.” He then said, “We have to protect what is ours from any thief or robber.”

The Chicago Police Department estimates conservatively there are a mere 68,000 gang members in the city. Chicago has the second largest gang population after the city of Los Angeles. Probably a small portion of the 68,000 are Latino and Asian gangsters which would not heed the summons of the newly self-proclaimed Caliph Farrakhan. But, he could at least on paper, create an army of 40,000 to 50,000 gang bangers.

Minister Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam leader, is a highly toxic, dangerous person. His overly inflated ego is right at home with other Chicagoans, the Very Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Eric (With)Holder, Rahm Emmanuel, and not to forget, Our Lord and Savior, Barack Hussein Obama. All of these characters are uniting in hateful purpose to bring down our great Nation. But everybody has to start small. Thus, Chicago will become a fiefdom of Islam. Remember Islam always seeks to carve out an enclave where Islam and Sharia will be protected.

But not to worry all of these gang bangers are forbidden to own and carry pistols. They
wouldn’t dare to violate the restrictive gun laws of the great city of Chicago. These gun
laws have made Chicago Paradise on earth (Not !)

If draconian gun laws could keep people safe Chicago would have the lowest murder rate in the country. Instead it has the highest. More people are killed yearly in Chicago than in Afghanistan. Imagine what would happen to the murder rate there if you had 50,000 gang bangers roaming the streets, having first replaced the legitimate police department. The murder rate would probably go up by at least 500% the first year. A veritable reign of terror would be unleashed on the City. All this would be done to satisfy the megalomania of God Almighty’s personal messenger, Louis Farrakhan. After all, he and he alone, is the voice of God on earth.

In the words of Credence Clearwater Revival, “I see a bad moon arising.” And the moon is rising over Lake Michigan. Never underestimate the power of hateful fanaticism to motivate people. Think about Hitler ! Farrakhan is cut from the same cloth.

The Nation of Islam website is: www.noi.org

In hoc sign vinces,


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