Hitler and Husseini: A Partnership Forged In Hell

Fellow Infidels,

Constantine gives us a history lesson that you won’t find in Politically Correct government schools.


Amin al-Husseini was born in 1895 in Jerusalem during the waning days of the Ottoman Empire. When World War I broke out he joined the Turkish Army. During the War Germany and the Ottoman Empire were allies. The defeat of Germany marked the breakup of the Ottoman Empire. France and England were the victors and thus divided the spoils of the defunct Ottoman Empire. France got Syria and Lebanon, while England took over Palestine, Jordan and Iraq.

In 1920 Husseini instigated a pogrom against the Jews at the wailing wall in Jerusalem. In the massacre 47 Jews were killed and 140 were wounded. Husseini was rewarded for his anti-semitic efforts several years later by being promoted to Grand Mufti of the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, the third holiest site in Islam. In an incendiary speech given in 1929 against the Jews he incited another pogrom. This slaughter took place in Hebron where 67 Jews were massacred.

In 1933 Hitler was elected (he didn’t seize power) President of Germany. Nazism with its emphasis on Jew hatred was a big hit from Day One in the Arab world. Soon Hitler’s testament of Jew hatred, Mein Kamp, was translated into Arabic. It became, and still is, a best seller in Arabic countries.

Amin al-Husseini’s first contact with the Third Reich was through Hitler’s finance minister, Francois Genoud. Genoud financed Husseini’s disruptive tactics throughout the Mid-East. Husseini, with the help of Nazi money, organized riots against the British and Jews in Palestine. These riots were known as the Arab Revolt (sounds almost like the Arab Spring we’ve experienced). When the scene got too hot for Husseini in Palestine he fled to Iraq where he fomented pro-German riots against the British who were the colonial masters of Iraq. Husseini found a kindred soul in the person of Khairallah Tulfah, who became the mentor and eventually father-in-law of one Saddam Hussein.

In 1941 Amin al-Husseini moved to Nazi Germany under the protection of the Fuhrer. Husseini was given the title of “Fuhrer of the Arab World” by none other than Adolph Hitler. Their first meeting took place on November 25, 1941. Hitler and Husseini discussed several topics such as their mutual loathing of the Jews, how to create chaos for the British and French in the Middle East, and how to incorporate Muslims into the various Nazi armies.

In December, 1941 Husseini met with two prominent S.S. figures. The two were Gottlob Berger, chief recruiter for the SS and Heinrich Himmler, the SS chief. Husseini was instrumental in recruiting over 100,000 Muslims to fight for the Nazis in the Balkans, Greece and on the Russian front. In Yugoslavia alone Hanzar brigades (as the Muslim troops were called) were responsible for the deaths of 200,000 Christian Serbs, 40,000 Gypsies and 22,000 Jews. Muslim SS troops staffed many of the extermination camps that were part of Hitler’s Final Solution for the Jews.

Husseini with great adroitness fled Berlin in early May, 1945 just before the collapse of the Third Reich. Husseini survived his evil master Hitler more than 26 years before expiring in 1971. However, Husseini’s love of Jew hatred led him to organize Project Odessa. Odessa was a super secret project to spirit Nazi war criminals out of Germany and into the Middle East where they were feted as heroes. Any number of prominent Nazis converted to Islam and took up Arabic names.

Now you understand why radical Islamists even today use the Hitler salute. Just google Hitler and Husseini and see the multitude of images that surface on the Internet. Nazism and radical Islam, two of the most tyrannical political ideologies on the face of earth, intertwined under the tutelage of Hitler and Husseini.

But we are not finished with this story yet. Husseini left us a ticking time bomb in the personage of his nephew, Yasser Arafat, truly a slimy ophidian of a man.

It is interesting to note that radical Islam routinely denies the Holocaust of World War II while plotting a new Final Solution for the Jews. Read history and be alerted to what is in store first for the Jews and then us by Islamists.

In hoc signo,


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