Sending Women To Hell (Iranian Style)

Fellow infidels,

Where is the National Organization for Women when women and girls in Islamic countries are being gang raped, tortured and slaughtered?  They are making sure that Muslims are not blamed! Burkasrugly

Last weekend I read “A Time to Betray” by Reza Kahlili. It is the true life story of a member of the Iranian Republican Guard who worked for the CIA. Reza initially was a staunch supporter of Ayatollah Khomeini. Khomeini, after forcing the Shah to abdicate in 1979, promised the Iranian people a constitutional Republic. Instead what they got was a Sharia laden cesspool in which Iran quickly devolved into an international pariah. Reza was shocked by what he saw in the notorious Evin Prison. And that caused him to seek out
the CIA and become an agent for the USA for the next decade.

All sorts of things that wouldn’t even be a crime in our society, were punishable by torture and death in Khomeini’s Iran. Often whole families were killed because of a statement made by a father or mother. A pattern soon developed among Khomeini’s IRG members. Young girls, some as young as ten or twelve, were brutally gang raped in front of their mothers and fathers. The parents were forced to watch this sadistic spectacle without being able to help their children. After the massive gang rapes ended the young girls were either shot or hanged, again, in the presence of their parents. After having this horrible last scene etched in their memories the parents were executed.

Actually, the raping of very young girls was carefully thought out along Sharia guidelines by the crazed Khomeini. Under Sharia law a virgin who is raped goes straight to hell after her death. A married woman who is raped also goes straight to hell under Sharia since she is an adulteress. This whole drama of torture was designed as a lesson in terror to keep the Iranian people under the thumb of brutal Islamic tyranny. Notice the men who are doing the raping were never charged with a crime. Rape is always the fault of the woman in Islam. There are no exceptions to this insane rule. The women are always asking for it according to Islam.

Islam is the only religion that has an organized doctrine of warfare known as Jihad. But Islam also has an equally organized doctrine of rape. Muslim men can legally rape almost any woman. Their wives have no ability to decline sex. The husband can have sex whenever he desires. If the wife attempts to refuse him, she is raped. All infidel women, whatever their marital status, are fair game under Sharia. Women married to infidels are considered ripe target for Muslim rape gangs. Just ask any European woman. In many European countries 90 per cent of all rapes are perpetuated by “Asian” men (PC code name for Muslims). American ladies it is only a matter of short time before Muslim gang rape comes to your neighborhood.

Stand up and resist this abominable outrage against your womanhood while you still have the legal right to protest. And pray for the tens of thousands of girls and women who were raped in Tehran’s Evin Prison. Somebody was deserving of hell in Khomeini’s Iran and they were not women !

In hoc signo vinces,


As a sad postscript, gang rape of women continues to this present day in Evin Prison.

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