Being Offended Works Both Ways

Fellow infidels,

Former State Representative Jon Hubbard has written a wonderful article about those sniveling whiners that are offended by everything that has made our country great.  This article first appeared in the Jonesboro Sun. It also has been published at World Net Daily, which is one of the top conservative blogs in the United States.  I guarantee you will love this article – Burkasrugly

We’ve heard so much in the media lately about various groups being offended by all sorts of things that once were considered traditional American values. So far though, few of the people I know have been consulted about whether or not THEY are offended. So I ask you, are you offended by anything? I know I am!

I am offended that the obnoxious whining of just a few people who actually hate everything this country stands for can force us to change our laws and customs, simply because “they” claim to be “offended.” For example, the superintendent of the East Poinsett County, Ark., School District chose to discontinue prayer at the beginning of school functions after a left-wing atheist group from Wisconsin threatened legal action on behalf of one to three area residents, if prayer during athletic or other school events is allowed to continue.

I am offended when the outright murder of innocent, yet-to-be-born children is considered to be a remedy to an inconvenience, or just another means of birth control!

I am offended by those who have failed to recognize that this nation is not like all other nations of this world, which is the primary reason for its success and prosperity!

I am offended when our education system teaches our children that the United States of America is to be ashamed of its well deserved success and prosperity!

I am offended when someone with no ambition or work ethic feels he deserve something he hasn’t worked for, fought for, or was never entitled to!

I am offended when a government ideology such as Shariah law, masquerading as a legitimate world religion, envisions itself in the role of world domination!

I am offended when long-held Christian customs, traditions and beliefs such as Nativity scenes or Christmas songs are designated by our own government as “offensive” to those who disagree with them, and are even allowed to be replaced by the customs of those who find our customs “offensive”!

I am offended that our own Congress would even consider allowing our Constitution to be trampled upon by ignoring our God-given rights and liberties, which are secured by that great and unique document. Our right to free speech and the right to keep and bear arms are essential to a free people protecting themselves from a power-hungry and out-of-control federal government!

I am offended that we have allowed our election process to become so contaminated that people who ignore and even refuse to comply with the constitutional eligibility requirements of an office are allowed to actually hold that office!

I am offended when our own elected officials forget that they work for us, instead of the other way around!

I am offended when those incarcerated in our prisons often receive better treatment than our own troops!

I am offended when this president assumes that it is his right to declare that America is no longer a Christian nation!

I am offended when this president gives taxpayer funds to rogue rulers whose purpose in life is to destroy us!

I am offended when this president promotes the assumption that this world owes everyone a living!

I am offended when this president saddles us, our children, our grandchildren and many future generations with an enormous and suffocating debt, from which this nation may never recover!

I am offended when this president opens our White House to the Islamic celebration of Ramadan, but refuses to allow Franklin Graham to offer a prayer during our National Day of Prayer ceremony!

I am offended that we allow those who are in this country “illegally” to receive benefits for which even legal residents are not entitled to receive, and are protected by our own government whenever they do so!

I am offended when our government claims that ambition and pride have been replaced by the assumption of one’s right to entitlements!

I am offended that there are far too many people enjoying the fruits of this land, who think it is beneath them to defend this nation if called upon to do so!

I am offended when those who have never understood what it means to be an American are allowed to redefine who we are and what this nation’s future should be!

Yes, I am offended, and I’ll bet you are, too! Isn’t it time we stop talking and actually do something about it? Come on, America, we are better than this!

Jon Hubbard

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