The Golden Keys To Paradise

Fellow infidels,

Constantine exposes the horror of how an Islamic state, Iran, used its children to clear mine fields with their bodies. If these Islamic monsters would do this to their own children, what would they do to our children?  These actions are cowardly at the least; satanic most likely – Burkasrugly

From 1980 till 1988 the Iraqi-Iranian War was fought with an unbelievable toll of dead on both sides. On the Iranian side the commander was the Ayatollah Khomeini. The Iraqi side was led by the Butcher of Baghdad, Saddam Hussein (obviously a master strategist). It was the gross ineptitude of both leaders that caused the excessive casualties.

This was the second longest war of the 20th Century that pitted nation states against each other. Iraqi dead were close to 500,000, while the Iranians suffered even higher tolls. No one is certain, but perhaps over a 1,000,000 Iranian soldiers and civilians died. The war was a classic Sunni vs. Shia civil war that has been going on for 1,400 years. (See my earlier blog: Islamic Civil War) Saddam Hussein was the Sunni and Ayatollah Khomeini was the Shia. Poison gas was used by mainly by Iraqis. Blister agents such as mustard and chlorine gas killed tens of thousands of Iranians who lacked the most rudimentary protective masks and clothing.

Yet the most odious feature of the war was how minefields were cleared. Hundreds of thousands of young boys were drafted for these operations. By the second year of the war the battlefield resembled France during World War I. Both sides were heavily entrenched with deep and wide minefields protecting the trenches. Here is where the boys were
used. Several thousands at a time were conveyed to the Iranian front. There an Iranian General read the boys a prepared speech (by Ayatollah Khomeini) exhorting how wonderful it was to die as a martyr for glorious Islam. Often times these kids were plied with alcohol and drugs. Then with great ceremony each one had a gold key hung around their neck. The key they were told guaranteed them entrance to Paradise. Then they were marched forward, unarmed, across the minefields. Iraqi machine gun fire and artillery shells decimated their ranks. Soon a cacophony of explosions erupted as
the boys began detonating the mines often with their bare feet. (Why waste a perfectly good pair of shoes when you know legs are going to be blown off.) After the crescendo of blasts subsided signalling the clearance of the mines, real soldiers were sent in to overwhelm the Iraqis.

The few Western reporters who witnessed the unarmed march of these boys to almost certain death wrote about severed legs and arms, intestines scattered across the battlefield, heads separated from torsos, and bodies literally blown to pieces. Death was almost inevitable. Survivors within days were sent on new suicide missions. Some of these boy were as young as eight to ten years old. This was a horrendous war crime for which no Iranian General has ever been held accountable.

Islam is about power pure and simple. Throughout the long and bloody reign of Islam their commanders have never flinched from sacrificing the lives of other human beings to
maintain their evil grip on tyrannical power. Caliph is just a nicer word for a blood thirsty monster who will do whatever barbaric deeds he needs to maintain power.

Oh, those golden keys to Paradise were fake. They were not really golden. They were produced by the tens of thousands. They were made out of cheap plastic. They were simply spray painted gold. Counterfeit keys to manipulate young, naive boys to a counterfeit Paradise urged onward by a counterfeit religion, Islam.

Sacred deception was taken to a new tragic level on the killing fields of Iran.

In hoc signo vinces,


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