Mohareb (Enemy Of Allah)

Fellow infidels,

As Constantine points out, this  is a scary time for Americans.  As Islam keeps up its steady drumbeat of stealth jihad, Americans can sense that something is not quite right – Burkasrugly

In the first ten years of the Iranian Revolution which was led by the Ayatollah Khomeini hundreds of thousands of every day Iranians were killed because they were considered “mohareb”. Mohareb literally means enemy of Allah. These poor people were tried without lawyers and by a group of Imams who had pronounced them guilty even before a sham trial took place. Reza Khalili has stated that just in year 1988 alone more than 30,000 young Iranians were killed for committing acts that labeled them “mohareb”.

Just what were some of these heinous, flagrant acts of mohareb, or the enemies of Allah.

First, and as usual, moharebs were most often women. Women were often flogged in public for wearing Western clothes. This is code language for refusing to wear the Islamic hijab. Second offenses were meted out summary executions.

Next were the offenses involving alcohol. Both men and women were tortured for drinking both in public and private. Repeated offenders were usually hung or shot.

Then of course there was the stoning of women. Under Sharia a woman who claims to have been raped must produce four males who will testify to the deed. It is almost impossible to do. (Think about it for a while.).

But even worse to speak critically of Islam, Mohammed, an Imam or even Sharia is a capital offense that leads to execution. Freedom of speech, religion, expression, or even thought is dead in Iran. Anti-Islamic activists even until today are hunted down, tortured and killed in Iran. No one can say anything critical of Islam, even if they speak the indisputable truth. Truth is the one thing Islam cannot tolerate, Islam is untruth. The powers of darkness cannot stand the cleansing light of the Truth.

As Americans our freedom of speech is under threat as never before. The Office of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is determined to criminalize all speech critical of Islam. The greatness of America is built upon the free exchange of ideas in the marketplace of free speech. If this concept is destroyed by Islamic Sharia Law we will all become moharebs. And then the nightmare will really begin.

In hoc signo vinces,


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