A Nation Within A Nation

Fellow Infidels,

Constantine has some news about Great Britain. Burkasrugly

Anjem (Andy) Choudray, the mad Mullah of Muslims, is up to his old tricks
again. Anjem (age 41) is literally papering at least three boroughs of London with bright yellow posters proclaiming them as “Sharia-Controlled Zones.” The boroughs are Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets and Newham. All three areas have heavy Muslim populations. According to Andy “Sharia cops” numbering in the thousands are putting up the posters at bus stops and on street lamps. The posters proclaim no gambling, no music or concerts, no smoking, no drugs, no prostitution, no western dress for women, and no mingling of the sexes. It is important to realize that no prostitution does not mean what most of us Westerners call prostitution. It often applies to any woman who does not cover herself head to toe with a burka.

The Sharia cops will enforce the Sharia zones. This alternative police force will probably mete out horrendous Islamic punishments for activities not even considered illegal under English common law. The corner pub is a cherished English institution; a source of civilized conviviality. Will we have Sharia cops a.k.a as gangs of Muslim thugs dragging British citizens into the streets and lashing them? How about the death penalty for serial drinkers ? This under the Koran and the Hadiths is the Sharia mandated punishment for drinking alcohol. If you have Sharia controlled zones it follows that infractions will be punished with Sharia penalties.

Tower Hamlets has also seen “Gay free zone” posters. Does this mean death for homosexuals ? Again, the Sharia mandated punishment for homosexuality is death. The penalties will be handed down by Mullahs, not the jury system of “twelve good men and true” as instituted under the Magna Carta over 800 years ago in Great Britain.

What we are seeing in Britain is the establishment of No Go Zones, Islamic enclaves, where the rules of radical Islam are enforced even if they are contrary to English common law. To the credit of the London police they are trying to stop the posting of these announcements. The police understand that the next step will be the capricious handing out of barbaric Sharia punishments, which will invoke the total outrage of the British citizenry.

Some of us in the United States have been warning of the growing danger of Sharia Law in juxtaposition to the U.S. Constitution. We have been labeled bigots, racists and (my personal favorite) Islamophobes. But there is a clear and present danger of allowing a nation within a nation, particularly where there is a radically different legal system. Dearborn, Michigan followed by Columbus, Ohio are rapidly evolving into Sharia controlled zones right here in the United States. Remember that old Arabic tale about the camel getting his nose in the tent ? We must have American law for American courts. Thank God for the supremacy clause of the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. It is the document that is saving us from radical Islamic tyranny and the implementation of full-fledged Sharia.

In hoc signo,


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