Saving Western Civilization

Fellow infidels,

If you ever get a chance to hear Dr. Bill Warner lecture in person, please do so.  He has studied Islam extensively and he can make seemingly complex material easy to understand.  Constantine recently had a chance to hear Dr. Warner speak at an ACT! for America meeting, and he wanted to share his thoughts on the lecture with us – Burkasrugly

It was my great and distinct honor last week to hear Dr. Bill Warner lecture on political Islam. During the Question and Answer part of the lecture, Dr. Warner was asked, “Why are you doing this ?” The good doctor thought a few minutes and answered, “I am trying to save Western Civilization, the Judeo-Christain tradition.” He went on to elaborate that Judeo-Christian tradition was composed of two parts. First, there is the Golden Rule which  is derived from the prophetic tradition of the Old Testament prophets reaching its final culmination in the teachings of Jesus. And then there is rational critical thought which comes to us from the Greek philosophers. These two strains coming together form the bedrock of Western Civilization.

Now multiculturalists would deny the superiority of one belief system over another. My suggestion to such folks is to go live in Iran, Saudi Arabia or even Egypt for the next three months. If you survive, then come and see me and we will see if your belief that one culture is as good as another is still intact. My guess is your multicultural belief has about as much chance of surviving as woman accused of witchcraft in Saudi Arabia.

For a moment let us think of how the world will be impacted if militant, political Islam becomes the New Order for the world.

The first casualty will be free speech. There will be no freedom of religion. You won’t have to worry about whether to be a Roman Catholic, a Jew, a Methodist, or a Baptist. Your only choice will be to become a Muslim, or a dhimmi by paying an exorbitant protection tax (the jizya). Otherwise you be will killed in a truly hideous manner.

Next all the great art of the last 20 centuries will be destroyed. Art galleries all over the western world will be torched by Islamic vandals. Islam does not believe in the graphic representation of the human form. Then all great musical works will be destroyed, because  again Islam does not believe in music. Whether you are a fan of Johnny Cash or Johann Sebastian Bach ALL music will be gone. The right of peaceful assembly will be over because Islam believes democracy is a tool of the Devil. Freedom of the Press will also become a casualty. Any newspaper, radio or television station that attempts to tell the truth will be shut down. Even the truth if it portrays Islam in an unfavorable light is forbidden. So long Glen Beck. The Blaze will become the first casualty of Islamic supremacism. Books that disagree with Islam will be burned in huge bonfires reminiscent of the Nazi era. There will be absolutely no freedom of expression.

Oh, you just think Obama’s gun control is draconian. With Islam you get total weapons control. Not only are rifles, pistols and shotgun banned (NRA please sit up and take notice), so are knives, swords, spears. machetes, axes, crossbows and arrows. We are left in a totally defenseless state. What hope of revolt will we have against guns using our bare hands ?

Spain and Portugal were conquered by the Islamic hordes about 711 A.D. The Spanish finally drove out the Muslim barbarians in 1492, the year Columbus discovered America. It took the Spaniards 800 years of hard fighting to reclaim their country from these murderous cutthroats. Why do we think we will fare any better ?

Our best course of action is to fight back NOW with the truth while we still have the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as our shield against the barbaric legal code of Sharia. Wherever, Islam goes Sharia is sure to follow. We must unite NOW to hurl back this alien ideology of political Islam. One way to do this is to seek out an Act for America chapter and  join. If there is not one volunteer to start one. Just go to:

Time is growing shorter every day. Our enemy is growing stronger. This is the issue of our time upon this earth. All other concerns pale by comparison.


Yes, Dr. Warner we pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to help you save Western Civilization.

In hoc signo vinces,


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