Devious Religious Fascists Want To Silence Free Speech

Fellow infidels,

If you don’t know that we are talking about Islam, then you have been living under a rock.  The Organization of Islamic Conference, or as Pat Condell calls it, the Organization of Islamic Criminals, is hell-bent on pushing through a global blasphemy law.  No way!  It ain’t gonna happen.  Not on our watch!  Islam, with its permanently offended cultural terrorists, has awakened a sleeping giant; not only in America, but in every country, state, city, village, or home around the world that cherishes freedom. For Islam is not freedom; it is bondage to a brutal totalitarian political system that tries to make everyone believe that it is a religion.  Islam bullies everyone that is non-Muslim.

As always, Pat Condell sets these brutes straight.  Be sure and listen to the end of his monologue and his idea of flying pigs.  Nice job Pat – Burkasrugly


Until next time,


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